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How do NCERT Solutions and Chemistry Books helps to Crack NEET ?

03 Jun, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

How do NCERT Solutions and Chemistry Books helps to Crack NEET ?

Chemistry is a really interesting subject. If you are a NEET aspirant then it is mandatory for you to have enough knowledge in context with this subject so that you can score well in NEET 2022. The NEET exam is conducted by the national testing agency, the students who clear the NEET exam get to study in one of the top Medical colleges in the country. The NEET exam is centered on three subjects, namely physics, chemistry, and biology.

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The students need to gain command over this subject so that their overall score doesn’t get affected. The NEET question paper comprises 45 questions wholly dedicated to the chemistry section. And to answer these questions accurately you have to complete both part 1 and part 2 books of chemistry for class 11th and 12th.

The syllabus of both classes 11 and 12 NCERT is of supreme importance for the students who are preparing for the NEET exam. If you are preparing for NEET EXAM 2022, then make sure you cover all the topics from NCERT chemistry and practice all the NCERT questions. If you are still wondering why you should invest your time in NCERT chemistry and NCERT solutions then here we have for you the right answer.

A Guiding Force

You might have heard the old saying that a good book is humans’ best friend. It is your duty to choose the right book for the proper preparation for the NEET exam. To take you to your dream you need to study from the NCERT. The NCERT books are prepared in a way that the students can get the correct guidance to clear the competitive exams. Hence even the teachers and the subject matter experts are of the opinion that studying from the NCERT books is of great importance.


Covering the Required Syllabus

Students often opt for some other higher-level books while they prepare for NEET chemistry. The syllabus for chemistry is vast, the students have to complete the entire syllabus first and do revision as well. The NCERT is a book that will help the student in covering the entire syllabus accurately, the other books often describe each and every topic in too much depth that takes away the important time of the student. NCERT makes sure that all the topics are covered properly in a manner that the students' time doesn’t get wasted.

Easy Understanding

The students find it difficult to relate to the language of the higher-level books. The authors of NCERT try their best to use student-friendly language, which indeed is very helpful for the students. Most of the students get panic-stricken reading the high-level language of the books. The student should always begin with the NCERT, as it will help in a better understanding of the subject.  Each and every topic is explained in a lucid way. And the explanation of the theory involves proper diagrammatical description. The diagrams aid the students in understanding the depth of the subject.


Most importantly, one can trace a good number of examples in the NCERT chemistry books. The students can learn from these examples and practice them. After every chapter, there are ample practice questions and activities to boost the preparation of the students.

You have to target both class 11 and class 12 syllabus of NCERT for chemistry to score well in the NEET chemistry section. Be thorough with all the formulas and chemical equations.

If you have with you the proper guidance and support then it becomes easy to reach your goal. You can choose to study with the help of Etoosindia's complete course for chemistry. The best faculties of Kota for chemistry have worked with dedication and framed this course. You can also get the NEET BOOKS from the Etoosindia website.