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How to Prepare for NEET at Home?

07 Mar, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

Neet Preparation 2022


Preparing for an exam like NEET by sitting at your place isn’t an easy task at all. Almost all the NEET aspirants opt to coach to get high scores. If you have also decided to save your time from coaching and do self-studies for your NEET exam then you need to become very much dedicated to your decision. Here we have for you some amazing tips that will help you to know how to prepare for neet at home?

How to Prepare for NEET at Home?

Check out the amazing neet exam preparation tips & tricks which help Students with their NEET 2022 Exam Preparation. Now follow the below tips for neet 2022 preparation from home.

Drafting a unique plan

Amongst the neet exam preparation tips Drafting a unique plan is very important. Preparing for any exam requires proper planning. Firstly fit the fact in your mind that time is very much important. You have aspired to get yourself in the top medical college. You need to be very meticulous in context with your goal.

Formulate your entire schedule on a writing pad and put that paper on your study table. You should keep the calculation of each minute of your entire day. You can’t waste your time on any unnecessary thing.

Preparing a plan is easier than following it. But this time you need to develop the habit of following the plan drafted by you. This is one of the vital points of how to prepare for neet 2022 at home.

Having a  time table

Next in the list of points on how to prepare for neet at home without coaching, we give importance to the time table. The course is vast, and you can’t compromise skipping any topic. You need to attain perfection in all three topics, physics, chemistry, and Biology.

Starting with the preparation you might find sitting for long hours very difficult. In this case, you can sit to study for two hours, then three hours and as you get pace with the preparation you can increase your study hours.

Students find it difficult how to study for neet exam at home. But with a proper neet strategy, it's not a big deal.



How to Prepare for NEET at Home: Knowing about the syllabus

You need to have proper knowledge regarding your neet 2022 syllabus. Find out all the topics related to physics chemistry and biology that are going to be a part of your NEET exam.

Once you are done searching the syllabus find out the topics that can be your strong points. Also, you need to look at the topics that can act against you. Work more on the weaker sections so that you don’t have anything in your syllabus that can pull down your score.

How to do NEET Preparation at Home: In-depth knowledge about NCERT

Before wasting time with any other book, focus on the NCERT first.

NCERT is the king of all the books. Also to understand other books you need the basic knowledge that can be obtained only after the thorough analysis of NCERT. Understanding the entire NCERT is the first step towards success. To clear all the concepts of the three subjects NCERT is very helpful.

You will be able to solve any level questions of any book if you have done the entire NCERT. 


How to Prepare for NEET at Home: Neet Previous Solved paper

Solving the previous year's question papers is something that almost every brilliant student does. If you also want to see yourself in the top scorers then start solving the neet previous year's question papers today itself. Always prefer downloading the previous year's question paper along with their solutions so that you need not waste time searching for accurate answers.

Practice as many papers as you can this will be helpful for you in increasing your writing speed also. Neet toppers without coaching suggest that practicing previous year NEET papers have proven very effective in improving their performance.

How can we Prepare for NEET at Home: Online video lecture

Prepare NEET 2022 at home by watching the online video lectures. You need not step out of your home when you can enjoy the comfort of classroom coaching just by sitting at your place. You can watch as many video lectures as you want related to any subject or topic. These video lectures are an effective mode of learning for the people who keep searching for tips for preparation for NEET at home. here you can download the neet free study material prepared by the Kota faculty. 

Neet revision Study material is also very helpful. You can get neet free Study material on a different website easily. Self-studies have given fruitful results to many, you can also be one amongst them. Just fix your goal in mind and go ahead.


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