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2022 Neet Preparation Strategy for Droppers Students

05 Nov, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

neet preparation for dropper students.

There are various students who aspire to get admitted to the top medical colleges of the country by enrolling their names in the toppers list of the NEET exam. The NEET exam is conducted via the National testing agency. The motive behind this exam is to provide capable students with a seat in the MBBS, BDS, and Ayush colleges.

The competition is ever-increasing and the syllabus is vast. It becomes difficult for the students to clear the exam in the first instance. Many students appear for the paper by taking a drop.

The passion of the students towards their dream insists them take a drop, but due to the poor strategies even in the second and third drop cases the students are not able to score well and they become hopeless.

If you are also a dropper then you need to have the right Neet Preparation Strategy for Droppers. Firstly being a dropper you never need to compare your situation to the situation of other students, droppers generally develop an inferior attitude, this should not be the case. You have your dream, and things do take time, but with your efforts and hard work, you will surely be able to do good. So let’s have a look at some useful Neet Preparation Strategy for Droppers:


NEET 2022 Preparation Strategy for Droppers and Repeaters

Check Out the NEET 2022 Preparation Strategy, Tips, and Trick for Droppers and Repeaters Students from Kota experienced faculties. This Preparation Strategy help to cover the Complete Syllabus and Revision. Go through the below Strategy tips and Start your neet 2022 Preparation.

neet preparation tips.

Developing a New Timetable

You are on a new journey; just forget all that you have done previously. You will be starting from point A again, so on this new journey, you also need to have a new timetable with you. Every NEET topper says that studying without a timetable is like studying without an aim. In case you committed the mistake of studying without a timetable then be sure you don’t commit this mistake this time. Formulate a proper timetable. This is one of the most supreme Neet Preparation Strategy for Droppers. You can divide your timetable on a monthly and weekly basis, it will be more productive.

Daily Activity Time allotment
Sleep 7 hours
Daily chores 3 hours
Notes+important topics 7 hours
Previous year questions 2 hours
Revisions 2 hours
Break 1 hour
Buffer time. 2 hours


Mocks Test is Simply Great

Next Neet Preparation Strategy for Droppers is analyzing your leads and your flaws with the help mock test series. You have already appeared for the paper, you are aware of the syllabus and the exam pattern now you need to work more and more on your week points so that this time, these don’t become a hurdle in your path of success. Mock test series will also help you in boosting your question-solving potential. In case you skipped to practice the mock test series previously, then it's crucial for you to practice this time.


How to Study Physics for NEET?

Physics is an interesting subject but most of the students who are appearing for the NEET exam face major issues while studying physics. Physics is a fun subject that includes both theoretical and practical topics. it is a subject that requires proper concentration. if you sit for 1 hour and you are entirely focused on the topic then it won’t take much time to complete the entire physics syllabus. Firstly you need to have the proper physics syllabus in pdf, go through the entire syllabus properly, and check the topics that made you lose marks previously. Try to work more on the topics you are week in, and yes revision is the key to a successful result. here you can Free download neet physics study material 


How to Study Chemistry for NEET?

The students develop the strategy that they will focus more on biology and physics and they often overlook chemistry, well to have a good score, the students need to focus on all the three subjects, if you are trying to ignore this subject thinking that you will score better in the other two then you are wrong. You need to understand the logic of this subject and scoring will become very easy for you. If you want to get more ideas about the types of questions that come in the paper related to chemistry then you can take the help of the previous years’ question paper. You need to have a proper Study plan for droppers to crack NEET. you can also download the neet chemistry study material 


How to Study Biology for NEET?

Don’t get mistaken that it is a subject that can be learned by cramming. If you want to improvise your score then you need to multiply your interest in biology. As you already know the maximum marks and maximum questions are allotted to this subject. Students often commit the mistake of cramming biology and that’s the reason they lose marks in this subject. You have a brilliant chance, be careful regarding your strategies so that you can reach your goal easily. Improvise your understanding capacity and connect with the roots of the topic. Ans Start your Neet biology Preparation with Neet biology free Study material

Self-belief is very necessary, stay away from negativity

NEET Online Course.

Hope the above-given neet preparation strategy for droppers will be helpful to you. Don’t panic, and just focus on your dream and you will be able to come out with flying colours for sure.