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NEET UG 2022 Preparation Tips

28 Aug, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

NEET UG 2022 Preparation Tips
When you are preparing for an exam you need to develop very strong strategies that can help you in moving ahead in the competition. NEET is the exam conducted by the National Testing Agency. The goal of this exam is to filter the most eligible students for admission to the top medical colleges in the country. If you are a NEET aspirant then you need to build a strong plan for your success. The competition is really difficult and it’s not easy to be a part of the toppers list. All the students who are doing NEET Exam Preparation, here we have for you NEET Preparation Tips let’s have a look:


1. Being a NEET aspirant, the first and foremost thing you need to do is developing the capacity to study for long hours. Now long hours doesn’t mean that you are studying for the entire day. But yes as the competition is hard you have to be sure that you study for at least 6 hours. When you will begin with your preparation, you will find it challenging to study for so long, hence you should gradually increase your studying hours. E.g., in the initial days, you study for 2-3 hours, then 4-5 hours, likewise you should keep increasing your strength to study more.

2. The next supreme task for you is to get the best study material. It is necessary that you choose the right books for your preparation. Don’t get carried away by the opinion of everyone, and pile your study table with numerous books. Your priority should be completing the NCERT first because this is the only book that can help you in understanding the basics of the topics that are a part of your syllabus. For NEET 2022 Preparation you can choose the Etoosindia Study Material. The books of Etoosindia are drafted by the top faculties of Kota after thorough analyses of all the topics.

3. You need to go through the entire syllabus properly. Filter the topics as per their weightage. NEET Chapter Wise Weightage of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Pdf Download The NEET Exam is based on three subjects namely physics, chemistry, and biology. The biology section is given maximum marks still the students keep this subject for the last-minute preparation. Students are of the opinion that biology can be dealt with easily by cramming. This concept is totally wrong.

4. You need proper guidance and support to study for the NEET paper. You have to get the best, mentors for you, if you want to learn from the top faculties of Kota then you can study from the Etoosindia faculty. You can either study online or join the classroom courses at your ease. Only the right mentors can help you in reaching your goal.

5. One of the best courses for preparation for the NEET exam is the super saver course of Etoosindia. The course is drafted keeping in mind the needs of the NEET aspirant. The students will be given study material in DPP format. There will be online tests at regular intervals to help the students in discovering their leads and flaws. After the test, the students will be given Complete Test Analysis & Report. The students can get their doubts resolved with the help of live interactive classes.

Etoosindia is the best platform for online NEET preparation:

  • Next in the list of tips for Neet preparation is to keep revising. Don’t just focus on completion of the course you also have to pay attention to the topics that you have covered previously. So keep revising. You should do daily, weekly and monthly revisions. The best way to revise is to solve the previous years’ question papers and sample question papers. You can get them from the Etoosindia website for free. By practicing you will be aware of your week points and hence you can work on them to improvise your score.
  • Last but not least you have to focus on your sleep schedule and your health too. Don’t try to overburden your study schedule. You have to be fit mentally and physically for neet preparation. Take short breaks while you are studying so that your brain cells can rest for a while.

Hope the above-given tips will help you in your NEET 2022 preparation. Stay healthy and study well..