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Revision Tips for NEET 2022 - Exam Preparation Strategies and schedule

11 Aug, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Revision Tips for NEET 2022 - Exam Preparation Strategies and Schedule

Several students appear for the NEET Exam every year, the NEET is known to be one of the toughest exams in the country. The NEET Exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency with the objective of selecting the most deserving candidates for the medical institutions. It’s not an easy task to clear the NEET cut-off. If you are a NEET aspirant then it is mandatory for you to cover the entire NEET syllabus in a proper way so that nothing can stop you from reaching the list of toppers. The wide topics and the increasing number of aspirants make the competition very difficult.

The NEET Exam got postponed due to the alarming situation of the pandemic. The situation of pandemics impacted the studies of the students. The last duration before the exam date is very important, to help the students here we have a revision strategy for NEET 2022, let’s have a look.


Have Faith in Yourself

As soon as the date of the exam starts approaching the students to start developing fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are not going to help you, instead, they will take you away from your dream. Hence it is very crucial that you keep yourself motivated. You have been dreaming about it and working for it for so long. You will surely be able to get through it. Don’t let anything worry you. You need to attain the required level of confidence if you want to excel in the exam. Takedown this point for NEET 2022 strategy for revision. Also check: Last Minute Revision for NEET 2022 

Previous Years' Question Papers and Sample Question Papers are the Keys to Success

If you are done with all the topics, then you should begin with the revision. Revise is of supreme importance. And one of the best ways to revise is with the help of previous years' question papers and sample question papers. In case someone told you that practicing these won’t help you at all, then it's a serious request that you shouldn’t get carried away by what others tell you. You can easily download the Sample Question Papers and Previous Years Question Papers from the Etoosindia website.

To assist the students is gearing up with the NEET preparation the Etoosindia team has launched the Final Touch Revision Course. This course includes the best faculties of Kota. And it has got all the key features that will be of great help. You will be able to complete your entire syllabus in just a few days.

Giving Online Mock Tests

Another important effective revision strategy for NEET 2022 is practicing with the help of Online Mock Tests. Etoosindia has got the best online mock test series and these are a replica of the NEET exam. As you attempt these tests, you get an idea about how much time you have to invest in different sections of the question paper. Your speed and accuracy also get multiplied. Hence make sure that you attempt as many test series as you can. 

Etoosindia VMTS is the best online mock tests series, and this will give you the exact idea about how to solve the question paper on the day of the exam. 

Staying Healthy

You have to look after your health as well. There are people who invest a lot of time in preparation but completely overlook their health. If you want to score well, then your physical and mental fitness is also essential. You should take proper sleep and eat healthy food. Don’t compromise with your sleep hours in order to cover the maximum syllabus at once. Also, when you sit to study you should take necessary breaks in between. It would be better if you distance yourself from social media. Social media is the biggest distraction.

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For the Hindi medium students, language often becomes a barrier in the path of success. If you are looking for the right course for NEET preparation 2022 being a Hindi medium student, no worries the Etoosindia team has launched the Final Touch Revision Course in Hindi. This course has proper study material and various other perks such as the online mock tests. Also, the students can easily interact with the faculty via the live chat facility. The lectures will be provided in the Hindi language making it easy for the students to understand and learn things. Get the final touch revision in Hindi today.

Do your NEET revision 2022 properly and assure your success in the exam.