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2020 NEET Question Paper for All Codes-Download Pdf

Download NEET 2020 Question Paper with Solutions Pdf & Answer key for All Codes

Every year the National testing agency of India conducts the NEET paper, with the motive of providing the deserving candidates their seat in the undergraduate courses of the top medical colleges of India. This year the NEET exam got delayed due to the pandemic, keeping in mind the safety and health of the candidates, the paper was conducted on September 13, 2020. The paper is considered to be difficult, every year there are lakhs of students who appear for the NEET exam, but only a few are able to make their way to their dream college. The competition is ever increasing. Are you appearing for NEET 2021? Then why not get familiar with the exam pattern of 2021. Here we have for your NEET 2020 Question Paper Pdf with Solutions and Analysis.

NEET 2020 Question Paper with Solutions Pdf

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NEET 2020 Question Paper Analysis - Subjects Wise

NEET Question Paper subjects wise Analysis 2020 available here. Students can go thought the paper analysis.

NEET 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis - Physics

Physics is fun to learn, there are students, especially the ones who appear for the NEET exam, find physics as most challenging. This subject is a true blend of theory and practical. Students find it difficult to deal with the numerical. This year, the students as they told, we're a bit relieved when they had a check of the physics section after getting the question paper, the physics section was comparatively easier than the previous years' question papers. The questions were asked from the NCERT NEET syllabus. There were a bunch of questions from the mechanics unit. If you are willing to practice the 2020 question paper, then you can take the help of the ETOOSINDIA website. Get NEET 2020 Question Papers Download Pdf today.

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Mechanics 10 1 1
Heat & Thermodynamics 3 2 0
Waves 0 0 1
  Class 12 Magnetism 2 4 0
Modern Physics 6 1 1
Electricity 3 6 0
Optics 1 2 1
Total Questions 45
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NEET Chemistry 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis

There were two opinions that were given about the chemistry section, some said it was easy, will some called it difficult. In general 15 questions are asked from each section, Physical, Organic, and inorganic, making it a total of 45 questions. This year most of the questions came from the organic chemistry section, in all there were 18 questions, talking about the inorganic chemistry, there were 12 questions. NEET Question Papers are no doubt of great help, get NEET 2020 question paper by NTA from the ETOOSINDIA website. Even in the chemistry section, there was the domination of the NCERT based questions.

Class Section Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Physical Chemistry 1 3 3
Organic Chemistry 2 2 0
Inorganic Chemistry 3 4 3
  Class 12 Physical Chemistry 3 5 1
Organic Chemistry 3 5 1
Inorganic Chemistry 2 3 1
Total Questions 45

NEET 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis - Zoology

This time the zoology questions made students do a lot of brainstorming, the questions were really very tricky. So it can be said that the zoology section was difficult. A good amount of questions came from the human phycology unit. Download NEET question papers PDF 2020 and try solving the zoology questions.

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Human Physiology 1 7 4
Biomolecules 3 2 1
Animal Kingdom 2 2 1
Structural organization of animals 1 0 1
  Class 12 Animal husbandry and Biotechnology 3 4 3
Human Reproduction and reproductive health 0 2 2
Evolutions theories and evidences 3 0 1
Human Health and diseases 0 3 1
Total Questions 47
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NEET Botany 2020 Subject-Wise Analysis

As compared to the previous years' question paper, this time the botany section was difficult. In total there were 43 questions from this section. Most of the questions were centered on the plant physiology unit. Get NEET 2020 question papers with solutions Pdf from the ETOOSINDIA website and start preparing.

Class Chapter name Level of Difficulty
Easy Average Challenging
Class 11 Plant Physiology 3 2 4
Cell and cell cycle 1 1 4
Structural organization of plants 3 0 2
Diversity of Life 1 3 1
  Class 12 Genetics 2 1 4
Ecology 2 2 3
Biology in Human welfare 0 1 1
Reproduction and sexual reproduction 1 1 0
Total Questions 43
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Why should you Download NEET Question Papers 2020?

There are various students who don't prefer studying from the NEET previous years' question paper. Well, there are multiple benefits why should one have all the previous years' question papers, let's have a look:

Time Management: There are numerous students who are not able to submit a complete answer sheet and that's the reason they end up losing marks. When you practice from the previous years' question paper, you get a chance to learn about time management. The NEET paper is lengthy, and if you don't practice it might be possible that you fail to answer the entire question paper. The best way to save oneself from this situation is a practice from the NEET 2020 paper along with the Answer Key Pdf

Learning about the exam Pattern: You will be appearing for one of the most difficult exams of the country, you need to be aware of the question paper pattern, and the best way you can get to examine the question paper is with the help of previous years' question paper. As you practice you will get to understand the NEET Exam Pattern, how the questions are framed, the marking strategy, and a lot more. It is the best way to boost your preparation strategy.

No matter whether you are looking for previous years' question papers, sample question papers, or the best study material, ETOOSINDIA is the one-stop destination, where you will get all sorts of assistance. Get a chance to study from the top faculties of Kota and book your rank in one of the top medical colleges of India.

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