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Vectors and 3 D Geometry by MC Sir

The concept of vector lies at the heart of mathematics & physics and is widely applied in both. A vector is a geometric object that has a magnitude and direction. It is different from a scalar quantity which possesses only magnitude. We study vector algebra to analyse various facets of vectors and to perform multiple operations on them. We employ vectors to study three dimensional geometry which describes every point in three-dimensional space by means of three coordinates.

MC Sir, the renowned Math Guru, is of the opinion that the chapter of "Vectors & 3D geometry" is a hugely fascinating one. The fact that it is also important from IIT-JEE standpoint implies that students having more than a passing interest in it will end up scoring much higher than the others. Moreover, conceptual strength in this chapter is a must as it forms the backbone of engineering studies in more ways than one.

Subject Mathematics Medium English Target XII,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
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Vectors and 3 D Geometry


Must for class 11th and 12th studying students who want to do well in JEE Main & Advanced Exams.

Ideal for class 12th pass (13th) students who are preparing for JEE Main & Advanced Exams.

Essential for JEE Main & Advance Exam preparations.

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