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Permutations & Combinations by MC Sir

A 'Permutation' is a way to arrange items or numbers in a given order while in a 'Combination' only selection of items takes place-the need of arranging them doesn't arise. Both notions are centred around the relevance of 'order' (or lack of it) in which some items/objects are placed. A related concept of 'Binomial Theorem' extends these notions to describe the algebraic expansions of powers of a binomial.

The analysis of 'Permutations & Combinations' by several leading mathematicans lead to the development of an independent branch of mathematics known as 'Combinatorics' which finds innumerable applications in daily life.

This course by MC Sir not only deals with the basics of the subject but also attempts to address a host of issues that students constantly face while trying to comprehend P & C during their JEE preparation.

Subject Mathematics Medium English Target XI,XII,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
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Permutations, Combinations by MC Sir


Must for class 11th and 12th studying students who want to do well in JEE Main & Advanced Exams.

Ideal for class 12th pass (13th) students who are preparing for JEE Main & Advanced Exams.

Essential for JEE Main & Advance Exam preparations.

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