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KTG and Thermodynamics by CPG Sir

CPG Sir is known for his energetic, lively and interactive physics classes. No matter how complex a physics numerical is, he readily comes up with the most unique and easy solutions.This course by CPG Sir focuses on Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics covering class 12th and JEE syllabus.

  • Master the concept of Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics.
  • Covers complete syllabus of Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics topics for JEE Main & Advanced and class 12th CBSE, ISC and other state boards.
  • Designed and Developed by the experienced faculty of KOTA (CPG Sir-MNIT Jaipur Alumni).

The main focus of this course is to develop solid foundation of physics Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics concepts & fundamentals, and also to sharpen analytical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills of students, which is essential to succeed in JEE examination.

  • Lecture videos are enriched with basic and advanced concepts.
  • Assignments are provided in support to these video lectures.
  • One can start from the basics and gradually expand the knowledge and understanding of Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics topic.
  • Medium of Instruction of this course is English.
Subject Physics Medium English Target XI,XII,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
Category Topic Based Total/Available Lectures 17 Videos Coming Soon Lectures 0 Videos Study Material N/A
Course Range

Kinetic Theory of Gas, Ideal Gas, Maxwell's Law, Degree of Freedom, Internal Energy, Equipartion of energy, Internal Energy, Zeroth law, Laws of Thermodynamics, Thermodynamic process, Carnot Cycle, Specific Heat.


  • Must for class 11th and 12th studying students who want to do well in school/board examination and preparing for JEE Main & Advanced Exams.
  • Ideal for class 12th pass (13th) students who are preparing for JEE Main & Advanced Exams.
  • Essential for JEE Main & Advance Exam preparation.

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