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Aromatic Chemistry by NJ Sir

An aromatic molecule or compound is one that has special stability and properties due to a closed loop of electrons. Not all molecules with ring (loop) structures are aromatic. If a molecule contains an aromatic sub-unit, this is often called an aryl group.

An introductory organic chemistry definition of an aromatic compound is one that has a planar ring with 4n + 2 pi-electrons where n is a non-negative integer (Hückel's Rule).

According to NJ Sir, the study of Aromatic Compunds is needed to analyze the concepts of Organic Chemistry Reactions.

Subject Chemistry Medium English Target XII,XIII Class Language English + Hindi
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Aromatic Chemistry by NJ Sir.

  • Must for Class 12th studying students who want to do well in school/board examination and preparing for JEE Main & Advanced Exams.
  • Ideal for Class 13th students who are preparing for JEE Main & Advanced Exams.
  • Essential for JEE Main & Advance Exam preparation.

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