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How to Attempt JEE Main 2023 - Check Tips to Avoid Negative Marking

06 Feb, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

How to attempt JEE Main 2023?

There are many students who appear for the JEE mains exam every year. The jee mains exam is conducted by the national testing agency of the country. The students who are willing to get into the top engineering colleges of the country have to clear the JEE mains exam. Only those students who are able to clear the JEE Mains are allowed to appear for the second round i.e. JEE advanced.

To reach round two it becomes mandatory for the students to score well in round one. So here we have some tips for you if you are looking for the right answer to your question How to attempt JEE Main 2023?

How to Attempt JEE Main 2023 Questions?

The first thing the student should understand is, don’t get panic after looking at the question paper. You need to take a cool calm breath and relax your mind before you begin. Read the question paper very carefully. The question paper is divided into three sections physics, chemistry, and maths.

Your priority should be attempting these questions which you are confident about. But make sure that you read the questions properly, students often read half of the question and presume it to be similar to the one they practice at their home, and in over-excitement, they lose a lot of marks.

Presence of mind is essential; while you are attempting the question paper your concentration should only and only be on the answer sheet and nowhere else. In case your mind gets engaged in something else other than the question paper then there are high chances that you can commit very silly mistakes that can make you lose a good number of marks. So this is a way of attempt JEE Mains 2023 Question Paper. Here you can download the JEE Main Question Paper with Solutions.

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How to Maximize JEE Main 2023 Score?

It depends totally on your efforts; if you want to score well then you should focus on your learning and your revision. One of the major issues faced by the students is that even after being so confident with their preparation they fail to perform well and the biggest reason behind this failure is they fail to manage time.

The students are given three hours, to solve the entire JEE question paper. Hence learning the art of time management is mandatory. Don’t waste your time on the question, you feel you don’t the answer or the question is confusing you too much, you have to invest your time on the questions that you are confident in. all the questions in the question paper carry an equal number of marks, so equal time should be invested in all the questions.

If you are wasting more than the required time on a particular question then there are high chances that many of your other questions will go unattempted. So one of the effective way to attempt JEE Main 2023 question paper and score well is to divide your three hours effectively.

How to Avoid Negative Marking?

  • One of the best things to do is, you should avoid attempting the questions that you feel are totally unrelatable. These will keep you on the safer side. Answer only those questions you are confident about.

  • There is a big difference between time management and hurrying, you have to manage time properly, you don’t need to hurry with the answers just in the greed on completing all the answers. When you hurry, even the right things go wrong. So be sure that you attempt all the answers with a calm state of mind.

  • If you want to avoid negative marking, then you should surely practice more and more previous years' question papers and sample question papers. As you practice you will get to know your week points and also you will be able to predict the areas that can make you lose marks or lead you towards negative marking.

Hope these tips will help you to attempt JEE mains 2023 in a way that you scored well.