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How to Prepare Chemistry for IIT JEE Main and Advanced?

15 Apr, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

JEE Chemistry.


Building a dream career is what inspires you to decode the intricacy of JEE. IIT JEE Chemistry is the most important subject in the exam which is the easiest than the other two. Candidates should not avoid or neglect the subject as it is the infallible way to score good marks and securing a seat in the coveted Engineering colleges. So, handle it carefully! here find the detail about how to prepare for jee chemistry?

The questions are direct and are more theoretical which covers- Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. We can also diversify them as per the ease of handling them.


Easy 40%
Moderate 50%
Difficult 10%


JEE Chemistry Weightage .


How to Prepare Chemistry for JEE Mains?

Chemistry is one of the Scoring subjects in IIT JEE 2021. There are three sections in Chemistry i.e., Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry & Organic Chemistry. Here Find the Complete detail about how to study chemistry for IIT JEE.

Physical Chemistry

How to study physical chemistry for jee?: Physical Chemistry is a supermolecular science.  This branch of Chemistry studies the behaviour and structure of a chemical compound. It tells how the compounds react at the molecular and atomic level with other matters. Physical Chemistry applies concepts of Physics like motion, energy, force, time, and thermodynamics.

In Jan 2020, 9 Questions come from Physical Chemistry in January, whereas, there were 10 questions from Physical Chemistry in September. Now, let’s have a look at the detailed syllabus of Physical Chemistry for JEE Mains and Advanced.


JEE Main Syllabus of Physical Chemistry

Knowing the syllabus is a very important step to make a study plan go smoothly. The units covered under JEE Main Physical Chemistry syllabus are

Unit Important Chapters
Unit 1 Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry
Unit 2 States of Matter
Unit 3 Atomic Structure
Unit 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Unit 5 Chemical Thermodynamics
Unit 6 Solutions
Unit 7 Equilibrium
Unit 8 Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Unit 9 Chemical Kinetics
Unit 10 Surface Chemistry


Know the complete details of JEE Syllabus here

Let us guide you through the best study material prepared by the expert JEE faculties of Kota.

Here we need not follow the philosophy of “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” You just need to properly categorize them – which are easy for you, which have moderate difficulty level and what are the most difficult topics and require more time.


Important topics in Physical Chemistry

What should be the criteria for considering any topic to be important? The primary deciding factor is weightage. Be informed about the weightage for each unit. However, there is no fixed weightage standard for the chapters, they keep changing year-on-year. This infographic gives an idea of the unit-wise weightage of Physical Chemistry.

JEE Phycid Chemistry list.

It is clear from the above pie chart the most important topics crack IIT JEE (Mains and Advanced both) in Physical Chemistry are Mole Concept and Atomic Structure.

Important books for the JEE Physical Chemistry preparation

  • NCERT textbooks of Class 11 and 12
  • Bahadur
  • P. Tandon
  • Narendra Avasthi Balaji Publication

Physical Chemistry Study Material

If you are looking for which Study material to follow, then here they are Comprehensive up-to-date Physical Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced Exam.

Organic Chemistry

How to prepare organic chemistry for jee?: The scientific study that deals with the structure, properties, composition, and synthesis of Organic compounds (compounds with carbon). Students find it too demanding and often fret away from it. Once you go through the JEE syllabus for Organic Chemistry and do an in-depth analysis of the difficulty level of the topics you will enjoy it.

The petroleum products we use in our daily life are the result of organic chemistry.


JEE Main Syllabus 2021 for Organic Chemistry

The JEE Main syllabus for Organic Chemistry gives a break up of topics under units. The entire syllabus is based on the topics from class 11th and 12th. The students should make a list of important topics after going through the entire syllabus.

Unit Important Chapters
Unit 1 Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds
Unit 2 Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Unit 3 Hydrocarbons
Unit 4 Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Unit 5 Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Unit 6 Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Unit 7 Polymers
Unit 8 Biomolecules
Unit 9 Chemistry in Everyday Life
Unit 10 Principles Related to Practical Chemistry


Important topics in Organic Chemistry

It is important to keep an eye on the pattern of JEE Exams to know how many questions come from a certain topic. But, as per the latest analysis of examinations the following weightage can be concluded. The topics with high weightage should be prepared really well.

Organic Chemistry.

Experts predict Named Reactions and Organic Synthesis are the most important topics in organic Chemistry.


Important books for the JEE Organic Chemistry preparation

  • Solomons
  • NCERT Textbooks
  • Himanshu Pandey
  • OP Tandon

Organic Chemistry Study Material

If you are looking for which Study material to follow, then here they are Comprehensive up-to-date Organic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced Exam.

Inorganic Chemistry

How to master inorganic chemistry for jee?: Inorganic Chemistry is the study of thousands of non-organic and organometallic compounds. The compounds that do not contain carbon-hydrogen bonds are called Inorganic compounds. The common salt is the example of an inorganic chemical compound. It is the science of matter.

JEE Main Syllabus 2021 for Inorganic Chemistry

Let’s have a look at the detailed JEE Main 2021 syllabus with the unit-wise division. It quite helps to know the most important topic and gives the comfort of segregating them. You can also download the 2021 JEE Main syllabus PDF and prepare accordingly.

Unit Important Chapters
Unit 1 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Unit 2 General Principles and Process of Isolation of Metals
Unit 3 Hydrogen
Unit 4 S Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)
Unit 5 P Block Elements
Unit 6 D & F Block Elements
Unit 7 Coordination Compounds
Unit 8 Environmental Chemistry


Important topics in Inorganic Chemistry

The above list of topics covers the entire syllabus of JEE Inorganic Chemistry. Aspirants should consider the marking weightage of each topic and decide the priority on which one should pay more time to.

inorganic Chemistry tips.

To ace, the exam Elements of the periodic table and Chemical Bonding are the topics you should look up to. These should be on your tips as they build a strong foundation for JEE exams.

Important books for the JEE Inorganic Chemistry preparation

  • NCERT textbooks
  • P. Tandon
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
  • Problems in Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced by V. K. JAISWAL  

Best Books for IIT JEE.


Inorganic Chemistry Study Material

If you are looking for which Study material to follow, then here they are Comprehensive up-to-date Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced Exam.


Tips to channelize your preparation for JEE Chemistry

  1. Keep updated with any change in syllabus, examination pattern, and any official notification from NTA (
  2. Thorough with the Periodic Table. It is very important when you prepare Chemistry for engineering and medical admission test. Periodic Table helps in solving numerical. Often students find it difficult to learn but it is really important.
  3. Make your notes of important formulae.

I hope the above information helps you to Prepare your JEE Main & Advanced. All the best!

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