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How to Revise for Maths Effectively in a month? Tips to Revise JEE Maths Syllabus

30 Jan, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

How to Revise for Maths Effectively in a month

If you are a JEE aspirant then you might be fearing of the math section. Maths is proven to be the most complicated and challenging section for engineering students. Maths is a fun subject but only if you have the right strategies to gain command over it. Here are tips on How to Revise for Maths. If you are also willing to get into the top engineering colleges of the country by cracking the IIT JEE Exam then make sure that you invest proper time in this subject else your score might get degraded. Are you also searching-How to revise for maths then here we have for you some tips?

How to Revise for Maths in 4 Weeks?

You can follow the below given 4-week schedule, to sum up, your preparation of JEE. Also, the students are requested to check the jee mains maths syllabus properly so that they can make a better schedule.


Start with the difficult chapters first like:

Integral calculus: you need to focus a lot on this chapter as last year 16% of questions were asked from this chapter and the students found this section complicated. and also read Limit, Off Function, Permutation & Combination, Integral Calculus.

Revise jee mains 2023 maths syllabus in the right way so that you can boost your performance.


In this week you should target the moderate chapters

Vectors-it is very scoring. Different students have different opinion some find it moderate while some find it easy. Last year 8% of questions were asked from this chapter. Starting with Complex numbers, 3D, Vectors and Quadratic Equations.

Algebra- the units in algebra are moderately easy like complex numbers, cube roots of unity, Arithmetic, etc. the chapters are tricky but you can score well if you practice properly.

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You will be picking the easiest and the most scoring chapters in this week

Analytical Geometry-you will be able to score well in this part and this is known to be the most scoring one. this week start with Conic Sections, Circles, 3D Geometry and Trigonometry.

You will get enough spare time in week three hence you can get back to the chapters you covered in week one. This is one of the most important Tips to revise JEE maths Syllabus 2023


Don’t rush with things, slow down, and focus on the topics that you have already covered. Don’t try to engage yourself in new topics; else things will turn messy for you.

Here are ways on how to cover JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus Effectively.

Some Basic Tips on How to Revise for Maths

Have a proper timetable where you put the shifts of your break

  • One of the way on How to Revise for Maths is Practice with the help of JEE previous years question papers and sample question papers

  • You should not doubt your potential, believe that you can and you will be able to score well

  •  Appear for the Online Mock Tests, mock tests will help you in know about your leads and flaws

  • Keep yourself away from all sort of distractions, and don’t take any negative thought to ponder your mind

  • Don’t compromise your sleep and your food.

Hope these Revision Tips for JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus will help you in reaching your goal.