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How To Start JEE Preparation In Class 10th

09 Feb, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

How To Start JEE Preparation In Class 10.

JEE is known to be one of the toughest exams in the city. Each year lakhs of students dream about getting on the list of JEE toppers but only a few are able to get to their dream. Students often fail to formulate the correct strategies to get to success, and at times it does happen that the students start with their preparation late and hence they fail to get a good score.

If you begin with your preparation at the right time then there are fair chances of you coming out with flying colours. Here we have for you some tips regarding How To Start JEE Preparation In Class 10th. One of the major efforts of starting with the JEE preparation on time is that the candidate can cover the entire syllabus thoroughly and revise as many times as possible. Let's see how to prepare for iit jee from class 10


How to Prepare IIT JEE  in Class 10

Here Students can find the amazing Exam Preparation tips & strategy from Class 10, That will help to make the foundation stronger for JEE Examination. Students need to follow the below Preparation Suggestion. 

Understating the Syllabus

It is mandatory for you to understand the syllabus properly, as you begin with the preparation you should be aware of the topics that are included in the JEE syllabus. Getting familiar with the topics will help you in creating a better timetable for JEE. Also as you are beginning with your preparation from class 10, you can figure out the topics that are similar in both the board exams and the JEE exam. Then you can further polish these concepts in classes 11 and 12.

Check out the IIT JEE Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Important topics List.

Having a Routine Timetable

The timetable will help you in dedicating the right amount of hours to your dream exam. Hence make sure that you create a proper timetable and adapt the habit of following it regularly. As you have to prepare for your class 10 board exams also, you need to fix the hours of your IIT JEE preparation. If you are starting with your JEE preparation in Class 10th then no doubt you have higher chances of getting on the list of toppers.

Daily Study Schedule For IIT JEE Preparation.

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Having the Right Study Material

As a board and a JEE aspirant, you need to have the right Jee study material for you. There are students who often neglect the NCERT, if you are also of the belief that NCERT is a low-level book then you are on the wrong path. Focus on completing the NCERT first.

You need to learn the basics to study the advanced concepts of the JEE exam. And class 10 NCERT is of supreme importance, you will be able to get all the required knowledge in context with the basics of the subject. Also, you can get the previous year question papers, sample question papers, and DPP’s to understand the type of question put in the exam.

Get the best books for JEE preparation in Class 10 from the Etoosindia website. You can search JEE books in Class 10th on the Etoosindia website.

Online Mock test.


General Tips in Context with How to Prepare IIT JEE in Class 10

  • As you are targeting the preparation of two exams you shouldn’t overburden yourself. You need to learn how you have to manage time when you feel tired or anxiety struck because of the compact schedule you should prefer to take a break and focus on your mental peace.
  • You need to focus on your goal but that doesn’t mean that you compromise your health and your sleep. Give your book the required amount of relaxation. Don’t skip your meals at any cost. Remember health is wealth until you aren’t fine both mentally and physically you won't be able to perform well in any of your exams. A sound sleep is a must.
  • Negativity will take you down, so keep p all the negative things away from you. You have to believe in yourself and focus on your goal.

Hope these points will help you in JEE preparation in Class 10.

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