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JEE Main Exam Tips: Maintain Regular study routine

31 Aug, 2019, By Tanvi Sharma

The first phase of the JEE Mains 2021 examination for admission in engineering colleges will be held between February 23 and 26. That means you are left with only five months for its preparation. So, you might be thinking about how to prepare, what to read, and which topic should have a special emphasis on this, our experts are here with their verified tips.

JEE preparation tips.

1. Take care of time management in Physics

JEE Main question paper asks logical questions from every subject so regular practice is very important. The physics section includes the numerical questions which require promptness in calculations. If there is proper Time management, then it will be easier to attempt all the questions for you. Focus on NCERT book of Physics for JEE Main. This makes your concepts strong which is very crucial in handling questions. However, you can use a reference book to support your preparation.

Mechanics: Maximum 30% weightage

Mechanics is your best bet to score more in JEE 2021 Physics exam. It acquires the highest weightage hence concentrate more efforts on it.

Topic Weightage
Heat and thermodynamics 7%
Electrostatics and electricity 17%
modern physics (atoms and nuclei) 10%
Magnetic and electromagnetic induction (including AC) 13%
wave and linear optics 10%
Semiconductor and principal of communication, including
electromagnetic web

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2. Write the difficult questions in the notebook

Prepare the difficult questions in chemistry by writing in the notebook. Every subject has some logical questions. Students should focus more on the topics they find difficult. Students should prepare such questions by writing them in the notebook and can ask any query or problem in Doubt Clinic which is solved within hours by the finest expert faculties.

Physical Chemistry making 30% of JEE 2021 question paper
The Physical Chemistry questions will be crafted from topics like Atomic structure, chemical bonding, mole concepts, oxidation, degradation, gaseous state, solution, electrical chemistry, ionic equilibrium, and chemical dynamics.

Questions based on P block, Way block and complex compound will be asked from inorganic chemistry.

In Organic chemistry, questions from isomerism, resonance, hyperactive reaction, reaction mechanism, designated reaction, polymer, the organic molecule will be asked for JEE Main 2021.

3. Pay special attention to revision in Mathematics

Maths is a demanding subject when you are preparing for JEE, experts advises that instead of calculating hours lay stress on qualitative learning. You can take a topic-based course which is a short duration course to practice virtually any topic online. Make and practice different versions of each question. JEE Mains Question Paper contains some indirect questions. The more you practice better will be the result.

  • Algebra - It will have questions from Sequences and Series, Complex Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Combination, Quadratic equation, Determinant, and Matrix. 
  • Calculus - Questions will be asked from Limit Differentiability, Integral, Area Bounded, and Differential Equations.
  • Geometry - Three questions will be asked from Straight Lines, Circulatory, Vector, and 3D- trigonometry. One question each will be asked from set theory, probability, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Finish complete JEE Main Syllabus by November. Now you are left with almost a month to the final exam. Do Revision and practice till the date of examination.