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JEE Preparation 2023: A Complete Guide for Droppers & Repeaters

05 Aug, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

JEE is one of the toughest competitive exams and hence it is quite difficult to clear it on the first attempt. Students seeking to become top engineers appear for this highly coveted exam. Its high demanding course requires the students to get back to the grindstone. The JEE exam is a bit tricky thus the JEE aspirants need to combine hard work and smart work together to yield the best result possible. But even after toilsome preparation, some students are ineffectual to secure a seat in the desired colleges. 

With the dreams still in their eyes, such aspirants appear for the drop year to give their dreams another chance. And if you are firm on your decision of opting for a drop year then you should be rigid on your goals and make certain that you prove yourself this time. Because, unlike the NEET exam, you can appear for the JEE exam only thrice, and knowing the fact that you have a limited number of attempts you have to put your 101% into its preparation.  

Being a dropper or repeater is not easy, the minds of such students are always occupied with questions like will I be able to do it this time, what if I fail again, etc, you need to begin your drop year afresh without letting these thoughts covering your mind and start your JEE preparation 2023. 

Guide For Droppers For JEE Preparation 2023

So, now you have decided to take a drop what are your strategies to fulfill your pursuit of getting admission to the top engineering college? 

To help you with that, ETOOS India has prepared a guide that will help you make the most potential out of your drop year;

1. Right sources for the right preparation

You need to switch your books to the right ones. If you were not able to clear the JEE exam and are planning to use the same sources this time too. Then you are going to make a mistake big time. Now is the right time to change your study plan, and tactics along with the right sources. What books you are using to crack this exam plays an important role in the preparation process. 

It is fact that NCERTs play an important part in the preparation of the IIT-JEE as these books are crucial to building a strong command over the basics but it too is a fact that these books are not enough for the preparation of the same. You need other reference books with high-quality content along with the NCERTs to ace the exam. 



2. 3-dimensional routine

One of the major perks of being a dropper or a repeater is that you have plenty of time to dedicate to your JEE preparation 2023, unlike the class 12th students. The JEE droppers or repeaters do not have to worry about results, boards, attendance, assignments, etc. And thus to make the best out of the ample time you need to adopt and build a plan that will help you utilize your time to the fullest. 

Hereby, providing a 3 phase plan that will help you ace the exam:

Phase-1: Concentrate on the basics

Starting the JEE preparation 2023 afresh means that you need to begin it by forming a stronghold of the basics. Building a solid foundation will help you move ahead to advanced-level concepts with ease. Spend the initial months focusing on your basics. Cover the JEE entire syllabus till the month of October. 

Phase -2: Revision is crucial                        

Now you have completed your syllabus, the next step forward is to start concentrating on problem-solving, revision, clearing doubts, etc. This phase will help you get excellent over the concepts.  This phase should last for a month prior to the JEE exam. 

Phase -3: Self-analyze with mock test

With proper preparation, you need to combine self-analysis as well. Make it a habit to take mock test series often. These series are formed on the basis of NTA pattern paper that gives you an idea of the types of questions that are asked in the exam. Not just this it will help you get an idea of where you stand in the competition and where you are lagging.


3. Overweening can lead to failure

The most common mistake the droppers or repeaters make is thinking that they are adept in a certain area and don’t need to spend much time on it. This thought should leave your mind at this very moment, you need to work hard and focus on practicing as much as possible. Because if you had a full syllabus at your fingertips then you haven't been repeating the year to appear for the same exam. And hence the aspiring droppers need to stay on the ground and work finger to bone to ace the exam. 


4. Know where you are lagging

It is quite obvious that you are dropping this year because you could not make it in the previous attempt due to being weak in some of the areas. Now you have plenty of time to work on those areas and strengthen those that you're already good at. Make a list of all the topics and areas where you lagged and now focus on clearing your doubts to the grave. And practice as many related questions as possible.


5. Adopt healthy study habits

There is no race going on in the number of hours you are spending in your JEE preparation 2023. Its vast syllabus indeed demands longer hours to study. But if you are studying for hours without focus you won't be able to grasp a thing. Quality is what matters over quantity. And thus you need to be productive no matter how many hours you are studying. 

And for this reason, you need to adopt productive study habits. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Start studying from the scratch and do not pick any random topic from between

  • During problem-solving, mark the questions that took you more time to solve, the ones that you had to leave in the middle, and the ones that you could not solve at all. This will help you know what areas need to be worked more on. 

  • Resolve all your doubts or backlogs and revise everything that you have studied once a week. 

6. Take Help From Expert at Etoos

It is quite clear that whatever mode you opted for in the previous attempt surely didn’t bear you a sweet fruit. Repeating the same mistake again can snatch away your only chance of getting into the top IITs. 

But here at ETOOS India, we guarantee you assured success with the help of expert guidance. To aid all the aspiring dropper students ETOOS India with its Time saver Course will help you build a brighter future. Our expert faculty is always a step ahead to provide all the help you require in your preparation. Be it study material, doubt classes, live interactive sessions, or online tests for self-analysis, you will be provided with this all. As the name suggests the Time Saver Course is here to make the best of the dropper's year in just a few months. Don’t believe us, you can watch the demo lectures on the Etoos channel. And then take the wise decisions for a better future. 



Is Dropping a year beneficial?

Dropping for a year can be beneficial if you are dedicated and firm that you can clear this time. 

Can repeaters crack JEE?

Yes, the success rate of repeaters or droppers is much higher. With proper strategies, tips, and tricks you can crack the JEE exam with flying colors no matter whether you are a dropper or not. 

Are most IITians droppers?

Not all but 30%-40% IITians are droppers.