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Dropper JEE Strategy 2023: Tips You Should Follow as JEE Aspirants

12 Jun, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Dropper JEE Strategy Tips You Should FollowIndia witnesses a huge crowd of students every year, who aspires to be an engineer. One of the most repudiated exams in the country is IIT-JEE. The exam is conducted by the national testing agency of the country. Students often opt to appear for the JEE exam along with class 12 board exams. Though balancing both the exams together is a very difficult task. Hence many students consider taking a drop so that they can dedicate themselves entirely towards the JEE exam preparation. JEE exam is conducted in two parts. Firstly the JEE mains then the JEE advanced. Only those students who are able to clear the JEE mains cut off are allowed to appear for the JEE advanced. 

Are you a dropper, preparing for the JEE exam? If yes, then you should have the correct Dropper JEE Strategy for your preparation. Taking a drop isn’t a bad idea at all, you have with you one whole year, you need to utilize it properly. To help you in the best way we have got the strategy Plan for JEE Droppers 2023, lets have a look at how you crack JEE 2023

Dropper JEE Strategy 2023: Tips to follow

Planning Your Studies in the Right Way

One of the Dropper JEE Strategy is to plan your studies in right way. You should surely plan your studies in the perfect manner so that you can utilize each and every minute of your day in a proper manner. Students often neglect the concept of studying with the help of a timetable, and this makes their routine less effective. To boost your preparation you need to have with you a schedule where you allow enough time to all the subjects. Remember, physics, chemistry, and math all are equally important, you should work hard on all the subjects. In case you choose to study without a timetable, then your precious time will get wasted in deciding what topic you should begin with as you sit to study. You can find IIT JEE study plan for droppers online.

NCERT is Very Necessary

Another Dropper JEE Strategy is to read NCERT. As you are a dropper you might be thinking that it is of no use to study the entire NCERT again because you just finished up with your boards. Well, NCERT is of supreme importance, you should focus on completing the entire NCERT as this will help you in understanding the depth of all the topics that are a part of your syllabus. Also, once you are done you will be able to understand the higher-level topics in just one go. You can take the assistance of the Etoosindia for completing all the three subjects' NCERT syllabus.

Make sure that you have with you the best study material. Don’t overburden the study table with lots and lots of books. You should have books that can help you in understanding all the topics of the syllabus in the easiest way.

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Practicing as much as Possible

Another Dropper JEE Strategy is to practice more and more. After completing the entire syllabus the students get overconfident.  And this overconfidence makes them lose marks in their exam. You should avoid doing such mistakes. Make sure that you give enough time to practice the different varieties of question papers, you can find previous years' question papers and sample question papers from the Etoosindia website.

If you have passed your 12th and you are interested in taking a drop for your JEE preparation then you should surely opt for the Etoosindia Time Saver Course. This course is designed with the objective of helping the class 12th dropper students.  

Keep Revising your Syllabus, this will Improve Your Preparation

Etoosindia keeps coming up with different techniques to help the JEE droppers in accelerating their preparation. If you are a JEE dropper and you are looking for Dropper JEE Strategy 2023  then you should surely opt for the Etoosindia Time Saver Course. This course is prepared by the best faculties of Kota, keeping in mind the requirements of the students.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Students often get panic and anxiety-stricken, thinking about the fact whether they will be able to reach their goal or not, Whether investing an entire year will be fruitful or not? You should keep yourself away from all such negative thoughts. All that you need to do is focus on studying.

You should never compromise with your health. You have got sufficient time for preparation, so make sure you don’t overlook your health in order to reach your goal. Eat healthily and take proper sleep


Hope these Tips for Dropper JEE Strategy 2023 that will help you in clearing the JEE mains and Advanced.


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