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Crack JEE Advanced 2023: Best Tips for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

22 Dec, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

crack jee advanced tips for physics chemistry mathematics

Tips to Crack JEE Advanced 2023 - JEE as we already know is one of the most difficult exams in the country. Every year there are lakhs of students who appear for the jee paper. The national testing agency of the country is responsible for conducting the jee exam every year. the jee paper is divided into two parts, the JEE Mains and the JEE advanced the students’ needs to clear the jee mains exams in order to get a chance to appear for the jee advanced paper. At the jee advanced paper, the level gets higher. The students need to have top tips to crack JEE Advanced 2023, to score well in the exam.

If you are also a jee aspirant then you need to work hard and have the best tips to crack JEE Advanced 2023 to reach to the list of toppers. If you are stuck on the question How to crack JEE Advanced 2023? Then here we have for you some strategies that can be very effective for a bright result. Let’s have a look:

Preparation Strategy for JEE Advanced 2023

  • You need to invest proper time in areas you are week in. students often commit silly mistakes, and this is one major reason for losing marks. If you work on your flaws in the right way then you won’t face this issue.

  • The more you practice the closer you will get to your goal. You can focus on the JEE sample question papers and the previous years question papers.

  • Draft a proper timetable for you. And you need to allow proper hours to your revision. Revision plays a vital role in boosting your performance.

  • Listening to music is known to be an effective measure to improve your concentration.

  • Also, you need to take care of your health, take proper sleep. If you think reducing your sleeping hours and studying 24*7 will help you then you are completely wrong.

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Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2023 Physics

If you are finding it difficult to study physics then all that you need to do is follow the below-given points, you will surely be able to do good.

  • Learning the formulas is the major part of physics you need to learn all the formulas by heart as they are applicable in both the theory part as well as the numerical.

  • You need to understand the derivation of formulas. As you learn the derivation you will gain more knowledge about the topic and also it will become easy for you to learn formulas. In JEE advanced question appear the derivation part is given supreme importance.

  • You need to pay a little more attention to the scoring topics. Topics like Modern Physics, Wave Optics, Alternating Current, Sound waves, Thermodynamics will help you in lifting your score.

  • Remember practice makes a man perfect, and if you admire a perfect score you need to practice as much as possible. and also Download the JEE 2023 Syllabus in Pdf

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2023 Chemistry

Chemistry is an interesting subject. You need not cram the concept you need to understand them.

  • You can begin with your chemistry preparation by focusing on the fundamental concepts of Physical and Inorganic chemistry. You need to spare your time for organic chemistry as well. In all, you should have a structure for your preparation evenly.

  • As you study chemistry, make sure that you prepare short notes for every topic. This will make your learning better and you can easily go through these notes when you sit to revise. here you can download the free study material for jee advanced exam preparation prepared by Kota's faculties.

  • You need to learn the periodic table properly, as it is of supreme value.

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced 2023 Maths

If you plan to crack JEE Advanced 2023 then you need to have good command over math. There are many students who are unable to relate to this subject and that’s the reason they fail to score well in the paper.

  • One of the most effective and best ways to prepare for math is practising more and more with the help of jee mock tests.

  • Again in the case of math, you need to focus on the formulas. The entire math subject revolves around the formulas. You can keep a handy book with you where you can write all the formulas.

  • As for any other subject, math also demands practice, download as many previous years question papers as you can and start practicing.

If you want you can take the assistance of the Etoosindia video lectures for your JEE preparation as they are really very helpful. The video lectures are prepared by the top faculties of Kota, you will be able to understand the concepts vividly.

Hope these tips will be helpful for you in taking you close to your goal.


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