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JEE Main 2021 Important Chapters of Physics, Chemistry and Maths by NTA

18 Sep, 2019, By Tanvi Sharma

important chapters for JEE mains 2021.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains) is the first step to the coveted dream engineering college. Do you know the ‘do or die chapters for JEE Main’? Knowing the right direction, beginning from the important chapters in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics help one crack the exam.

What are the most important chapters for JEE main 2021? Well, stop scratching your head; it’s time to shift towards smarter preparation. If you look at the chapter wise list of important topics from the JEE Main 2021 syllabus you will surely have an idea on how to proceed and what to cover.

JEE Main 2021 Important Topics and Chapter with Weightage Pdf Download

Being one of the most important pre-engineering test every aspirant search for the resources that ensure them crack the JEE Main exam. After analyzing the previous year's papers the EtoosIndia’s team prepares a list of high weightage chapters for JEE Mains 2021 in all three subjects. Aspirants should focus more on them but it does not mean to ignore the rest of the topics.

JEE Main 2021 Important Chapters of Physics

The Physics paper contains 20 MCQs and 5 Numerical. Most of the questions from JEE Main 2021 Physics syllabus have easy to the hard difficulty level. According to expert analysis, there are some important topics for Physics that can help aspirants score more. Let us have a look at what are these.

Topic Weightage Remark
Mechanics 8 Most important
Electrostatics 3 Lengthy, Easy
Current Electricity 3 Small, High Scoring
Electromagnetic Induction and AC 1 Easy
Semiconductor & Electronic Devices 1 Very small, scoring
Communication 1 Very small, scoring
Units, Dimensions, & Error 1 Very small, scoring
Measurement of error (Absolute and Relative) 1 Very small, scoring
Work, Power, & Energy 2 Easy
Magnetics 2 Easy
Modern Physics 5 Easy
Heat & Thermodynamics 4  
Simple Harmonic motion  & Wave  3  
Rotational motion 1  
Optics 2  

JEE Physics Weightage

You can check the complete JEE Mains Physics 2021 Study material here.

JEE Main 2021 Important Chapters for Chemistry

Chemistry is the easiest of the three subjects in JEE and is your best bet to score more in the exam. You should worry least about what are the important topics of Chemistry for JEE Main 2021. Yet, we are here to let you prioritize the topics that you should start first, regarding the difficulty level, the no. of expected questions, etc.

Section-wise Weightage of marks

Unit Weightage
Physical Chemistry 35.6%
Organic Chemistry 34.7%
Inorganic Chemistry 29.7%


JEE Main 2021 Important Chapters for Inorganic Chemistry

Topic Weightage Remark
Redox Reaction& Hydrolysis 1  
Qualitative salt analysis 1 Very important
Biomolecules & polymer 1 Very important
Alkyl Halides 1 Very important
Organic reaction mechanism 1 Easy
Carbohydrates, amino acid, and Polymers 1  
Carbonyl compounds 1 Easy
Environmental Chemistry 1 Very important
Grignard Reagent 1  
Hydrocarbon 1 Medium difficulty
S block 1 Very important
p-block elements 1 Easy to score, Medium difficulty
Metallurgy 1 Very important
d & f-block elements 1 Medium difficulty


JEE Inorganic Chemistry Weightage

You can check the complete JEE Mains Inorganic Chemistry 2021 Study material here

JEE Main 2021 Important Chapters for Physical Chemistry

Topic Weightage Remark
Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry 2 Medium difficulty
Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium 2 Very important
Mole Concept 1 Easy to score
Thermodynamics And Gaseous State 2 Highly scoring, Medium difficulty, Very important
Thermochemistry   Very important
Chemical Kinetics 1 Very important
Electrochemistry 1 Very important
Solid State 2 Very important
Solution and Colligative Properties 1 Very important
Surface Chemistry 3 Very important
Hydrogen & its compounds 2 Very important
Coordination compounds(colours, isomerism) 3  
Stoichiometry and  atomic structure 2  

JEE Physical Chemistry with weighatge

You can check the complete JEE Mains Physical Chemistry 2021 Study material here.

Organic Chemistry Topic-wise Weightage for JEE Main 2021

Topic Weightage Remark
Chemical Bonding 2 Medium difficulty
General Organic Chemistry 1  
Periodic table and Representative Elements 3  
Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry 3 Easy to score
Alcohols, Phenols, And Ethers 2 Easy to score
Aldehyde and Ketones 5 Medium difficulty
Isomerism of organic compounds 1 Very important
Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives 5 Very important
Chemistry in everyday life 2 Very important
Amines 2 Very important
Principles related to practical chemistry 2 Very important

JEE Organic Chemistry with Weightage

You can check the complete JEE Mains Organic Chemistry 2021 Study material here.

Check the subject-wise syllabus of Inorganic, Physical, & Organic chemistry here

JEE Main 2021 Important Topics for Mathematics

JEE mains maths paper includes 25 questions based on the new pattern announced by NTA. If are preparing for JEE main 2021 and are in the lap of your preparation there are some must-do chapters that help in kick-ass performance in the exam. So, what are the important topics of Mathematics for JEE Main 2021? Check down under.

Topic Weightage Remark
Inverse Trigonometric Functions 1  
Circle & Family of circles 1  
Sequence & series 1  
3-D Geometry 2  
Probability and statics 2  
Vector algebra 2 Easy
Integration 3  
Complex Numbers 2  
Parabola 1  
Trigonometric Ratios 1  
Application of Derivative 2 Easy to Score
Limit & Continuity 3 Easy to Score
Matrices and Determinants 2 Easy to Score
Straight Lines & pair of Straight Lines 2 Easy to Score
Coordinate Geometry 5 Needs Practice
Continuity Differentiability, Limits 1 Needs Practice
Quadratic Equation 1 Needs Practice
Integral Calculus 3 Needs Practice
Sequence & Series 1 Needs Practice
Logarithms 1 Needs Practice
Sets, Relations & Functions 1 Needs Practice
Differentiation 0 Needs Practice
P & C 1 Needs Practice
Binomial Theorem 1 Needs Practice
Solution of Triangles 1 Needs Practice


JEE Mathematics Chapters with Weightage

You can check the complete JEE Mains Organic Chemistry 2021 Study material here.

Mathematics is a vital part of the JEE exam. IIT JEE Mains Maths Syllabus rightly combines easy and thorny chapters.  The practise is the only key to unlock the mystery of Mathematical calculations. So, grab the best reference books to obtain a high score.

JEE preparation depends on the extensiveness of the study. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics video lectures prepared by the finest faculties of Kota are a great compliment to your study plan. Watch the classroom video lectures on all the above topics and get the same feel as sitting in a class.

The sample papers available on the EtoosIndia website flatter your preparation. Attend these regularly as it will further strengthen your concepts so that you can tackle any question.

Check out the JEE Main 2021 Exam Pattern, criteria & Updated Exam date by NTA.

Now that you have everything sorted, good luck for the upcoming JEE Main 2021 exam.