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What are the Most Important Topics for JEE advance?

27 Feb, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

JEE Advanced 2020.

The JEE advanced 2022 Paper date will be announced by the Indian Institutes of Technology. The paper will be conducted by IIT Delhi. With such a wide course for all three subjects, it becomes very difficult for the students to prioritize a particular topic. Students waste a lot of time looking for what are the important chapters for JEE Mains? So here we have for the students JEE advanced important topics that will surely help the students in knowing about what topics should be focused primarily.

The best strategy to crack JEE advanced 2022 is picking up the important topics and shifting more of the focus on them. Below we have for the student's JEE Advanced Subject- Wise Important Chapters, let’s have a look.

If you were fed-up with searching for JEE Advanced Important Chapters for Physics then no worries our article will help you in getting over your worry. For the physics section, students are given 20 chapters, these chapters are to be covered within 1 year. Out of these 20 chapters, 10 chapters are considered more important over the others, and the students should pay more emphasis on them.

What are the JEE Advanced 2022 Important Chapters For Physics?

The 10 important chapters of physics that will improve your JEE Advanced preparation strategy:

What are the JEE Advanced 2022 Important Chapters For Chemistry?

Next up in the list we have JEE Advanced Important Chapters for Chemistry:

In all, there are 25 chapters prescribed for the chemistry syllabus. No matter whether you are good at chemistry or not if you are able to gain command over the bond formation, breaking and periodic table then you will surely be able to score well as almost the entire chemistry revolves around these concepts. To assist you in a better way How to Improve JEE Advanced Score 2021, here we have important JEE Advanced topics/IIT-JEE important topics of chemistry.

These are the JEE Advanced Important Chapters 2022 for chemistry, strengthen the above-given chemistry topics to have a better score in the chemistry section. Also, these are high weightage chapters for jee advanced 2022. If you were finding it difficult to know what are the important topics of Chemistry for JEE Main 2022? Then you have the answer now.


What are the JEE Advanced 2022 Important Chapters For Mathematics?

Talking about the most important chapters for jee advanced 2022 in context with math we have got the following chapters that can help the students in enhancing their scoring in the Math section. JEE Advanced Important Chapters for Mathematics are:

The above-given topics are math’s most scoring chapters in jee advanced 2022. Now don’t waste time looking for what are the important topics of Mathematics for JEE Main 2022? Just get started.

JEE Advanced Previous Paper Download.

These are the subject wise important topics for JEE Advanced. Make sure that you don’t skip any of them if you want to see yourself scoring well.  Now you need not waste time looking for Do or die chapters for JEE Main or What are the most important chapters for JEE Main 2022? The Best Books for JEE Advanced covers all these topics. If you are confused about which book will assist you in the best way then Google will be able to search it for you.  

If you want you can also do weightage wise study of topics. Search about jee Advanced chapter wise weightage 2021 and cover the heavy weightage topics first.


What is the chapter-wise weightage of JEE Advanced Physics?

Dealing with physics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially if you are not fond of learning the formulas. Well, no issues you can cover good weightage topics to make scoring in physics easy for you.

Topic Weightage
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 14-15%
Atomic Structure 14-15%
Chemical Bonding 4-5%
Organic Chemistry 11-12%
Solid State 4-5%
Coordination Compounds 4-5%
Electrochemistry 4-5%
P-Block Elements 13-14%
Thermodynamics 6-7%
Hydrocarbons 13-14%
Solutions 6-7%

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What is the chapter-wise weightage of JEE Advanced Chemistry?

Covering all the high weightage topics in chemistry can help you in boosting your score in this section.  If you have covered the entire syllabus then you can shift your focus on the high weightage topics.  

Topic Weightage
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 9-10%
Chemical Kinetics 6-7%
Electrochemistry 4-5%
Equilibrium in Physical and Chemical Processes 6-7%
Haloalkenes and Haloarenes 6-7%
Hydrocarbons 6-7%
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 9-10%
P-Block Elements 22-23%
Solutions 4-5%
Some P-Block Elements 6-7%
Study ofb First Element: Hydrogen 4-5%
Surface Chemistry 6-7%
Thermodynamics 4-5%

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What is the chapter-wise weightage of JEE Advanced Mathematics?

In case you are finding it difficult from which chapter you should start your maths revision for the JEE advanced paper then you can revision as per the weightage. Star from the high weightage topics, know about jee advanced maths chapter wise weightage.

Topics Marks
Binomial Theorem 3
Complex Numbers 7
Coordinate Geometry 18
Differential & Integral Calculus 38
Probability 9
Quadratic Equation 3
Permutation & Combination 3
Matrices 14
Sequence & Series 3
Trigonometry 10
Vector & 3D 11
Fundamentals of Mathematics 5

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Hope, you have got a clear idea of what topics need your utmost attention. Make your strategies, do the in-depth study of these topics and see yourself coming out with flying colours.