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How To Eliminate Negative Marking In NEET Exam? Tips To Follow

01 Dec, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Eliminate negative marking in NEET exam

When you move further with the dream of becoming a doctor in your eyes you already know that it is time when you have to put in tremendous effort and hard work to bring out the results. The only gateway that will help you become a doctor is the NEET exam. The NEET exam is conducted every year by the NTA for which lakhs of students apply. The count of number of students applying for the NEET exam is ever-increasing thus adding to the competition. But not everyone who appears for the NEET exam can clear it. Apart from the ever-increasing number of competitors, there are other factors that make this exam hard going. One of the most prominent is the negative marking in NEET exam.

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What is Negative marking in NEET?

The NEET exam comprises 180 questions with each question carrying 4 marks, ie, the entire question paper is of a maximum of 720 marks. You will fetch 4 marks for every correct answer and there will be a reduction of 1 mark with every incorrect answer. Negative marking of a single mark can bring you a thousand ranks down and hence it is important that you are very sure of the answer that you mark in the OMR while filling it. Knowing about the negative marking in NEET and taking care of it is extremely important so that you score as high as possible. 

To avoid negative marking in the NEET exam you need to work towards eliminating all the options that may lead to a reduction in your marks.

Tips to eliminate Negative marking in NEET

To avoid negative marking in the NEET exam you need to work towards eliminating all the options that may lead to a reduction in your marks.

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1. Read the question paper with focus

The first thing that you need to do when you are handed over the question paper is read it thoroughly. Students, in an attempt to start the question paper as early as possible, read the question paper in haste in an improper manner, thus leaving out the necessary details of the questions. Devote the first few minutes of the allotted time to reading the entire NEET question paper with full focus. Before you begin attempting the question paper, scanning the question paper is crucial to avoid negative marking in NEET exam. 

2. Do not overween 

There is a fine line between being confident and overconfident. Things can go south the moment you cross that line. Some students on getting correct answers become so overwhelmed that they perform the further paper carelessly. Thus making silly mistakes throughout the paper results in negative marking. It is advised to the students to not get over-excited while performing the question paper. 

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3. Skip if not sure

There will be questions that you will be unsure about. It is advised to the students to not spend much time solving such questions and obviously not go on making guesses in the hope that the answer might be correct because the chances of the guess being incorrect are higher. You can either leave the dubious questions for later or skip them to avoid negative marking.

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4. Take care of overlapping

Many times students fill in two answers in the OMR for the same question, they either do it intentionally or unintentionally. Whatever the reason, such questions are disqualified and marks are deducted for such a mistake. Fill your OMR sheet neatly and make sure there is no overlapping to avoid negative marking in NEET.

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5. Use pen and paper to find out the answers

The NEET is not conducted to check the level of your IQ but instead, it is conducted to check your in-depth knowledge. Doing oral calculations to find out the answers is absolutely the wrong way to rely on. It is suggested to use pen and paper to find out the answers; this will give you a surety about the correctness of the answers.

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6. Optimum utilization of the given time

Begin your paper with the questions that you are good at and avoid wasting your time on the questions that you find difficult to find answers to. Starting with the difficult question will only delay your speed and you won't be able to complete the question paper on time. Solve the questions that you are good at in the first place this will help you make the most utilization of your time.

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7. Do not panic 

Many students on having a glance at the question paper stress out on reading the questions that they are not well-versed with. This stress can divert your focus. And this is exactly what needs to be worked upon. This can result in marking the wrong answers, to avoid this you can start your paper with the questions that you are good at. 


How are the NEET marks calculated?

The NEET question paper comprises 180 questions with each question carrying 4 marks. The entire question paper is of 720 marks. For every correct answer, the students are allotted 4 marks and for every incorrect answer , one mark is reduced. 

Is NEET removing negative markings?

No, there is no change in the marking scheme of the NEET exam. One mark for every incorrect answer will still be subtracted.

Is it easy to clear the NEET exam?

Yes, clearing NEET will be easy only if you follow the right tips: 

  1. Be well-familiar with the syllabus

  2. Choose high-quality study material 

  3. Follow a well-laid timetable

  4. Take notes

  5. Revise regularly

  6. Maintain a healthy diet

  7. Take small breaks while studying

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