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Significance Of NEET: The Remarkable Benefits You Need To Know

22 Nov, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Significance of neet examMBBS is a degree that is obtained through lots of consistent efforts and years of hard work. But the first step that you need to take to be eligible for this degree is cracking up one of the most highly challenging exams in the country, i.e, the NEET exam. The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Exam is a national-level exam, the conducting authority of which lies under the National Testing Agency. The NEET exam is the sole exam conducted in the country to assess the students if they are eligible for applying for the MBBS and hence this gives an idea of the significance of NEET. On qualifying for the NEET exam with a good score,  you can apply for various medical programs or MBBS depending on your interest. 

How is the NEET exam advantageous? Significance of NEET 

Unlike previous years, NEET is the only exam clearing in which students become eligible for medical colleges. Without a desirable grade in the NEET exam, the students have to either opt for a drop year or seek admission in private medical colleges the fees of which is beyond the reach of a common man. Thus, the significance of NEET lies in the fact that it works in the direction of fulfilling the dreams of aspirants who want to become doctors through government colleges. 

The NEET exam is conducted to ensure uniformity and that no medical student remains underprivileged.

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Let us look at the significance of the NEET exam: 

A one nation one test

Looking at the old scenarios, the students who wanted to pursue medical had to appear for tens of tests to qualify for a single medical seat. But with the introduction of NEET as a single medical exam students can have a sigh of relief. The NEET exam serves uniformity of protocol among all the states and prevents private medical colleges from providing admission to students who could not qualify for NEET.

Focus on the NEET alone

With the introduction of the NEET as the sole medical exam, the students can incline all their focus on this exam and can perform their 200% as they do not have to worry about any other test. 

Equal opportunities

As mentioned above the NEET exam excels in serving the purpose of serving uniformity amongst medical aspirants. In other words, there are no privileges, the students who crack the NEET exam with a distinguishing score become eligible for a seat in any medical institute in any state of India.

The only demand is a good rank in the All India Merit List to get into your dream college. 

No room for confusion

Before NEET was introduced as a common test the students not only had to prepare for multiple tests but also has to get familiar with the NEET syllabus, exam paper format, paper pattern, etc which created a lot of confusion for the students. But with the emergence of the NEET as the sole medical entrance exam, there is no room for such confusion. As the students only have to be familiar with the exam pattern, weightage, and syllabus of this exam. The NEET exam follows a simple pattern that includes 180 MCQ-type questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

One stop solution for JEE and NEET

Time and cost-effective

The emergence of the NEET exam has not just benefitted saving the time of the students but has also been very cost-effective. The most significance of NEET has been utilizing it because of the fact that the students no more have to prepare for multiple tests which saves them time and money spent in the application procedure of different tests. 

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Seat availability

The setas in the NEET exam have been categorized as under:

  • All India Quota

  • State Quota

Students who have cleared the NEET exam can apply for seats under the All India Quota which includes 15% reserved seats. Though the students can also avail a seat under State Quota which includes 85% of total seats. The students can avail the seats in medical colleges across the country through the NEET exam. 

No restrictions on the number of attempts

With the implication of the new rule of the NEET exam, there is no restriction on the number of times an NEET aspirant wants to appear for the NEET exam. There is no upper age limit for the NEET exam but the aspirant must fulfill age criteria while registering for the same. 

Therefore, with the points given above, the significance of NEET is quite clear.


Is there any tip for a student in class XII preparing for the NEET UG who has just average preparation?

Here are some expert tips that will help you excel in the NEET 2023 exam:

  • Familiarize yourself with the syllabus

  • Opt for the right study material

  • Know your productive hours

What are some ways to do revisions of biology?

Here are some of the effective to help with the revision of Biology:

  • Polish your basics

  • Practice more and more

  • Follow the right techniques

How many hours of daily study is required for getting a good score in NEET?

If you are targeting the NEET exam then it is crucial to allocate 12-15 hours of your day to the preparation of the same and score good marks.

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