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Pros And Cons of Opting For A Drop Year For Preparation Of JEE

09 Aug, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Numerous students grow up with the dream of becoming engineers when on reaching that stage you have to fight to make this dream come true, the major hurdle you are faced with is the JEE exam. The JEE exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency and is one of the most challenging exams conducted in the country. 

The JEE exam is the sole gateway to get admission to the top engineering colleges in the country. Clearing the JEE exam that too in the first attempt is no child’s play. With high competition along with the toughness of the exam, a lot of students are unable to crack this exam in a single attempt. As a consequence, the aspirants are faced with the dilemma of opting for a drop. 

But the idea of opting for a drop year comes with a lot of confusion like whether or not one should go for a drop is a major question, will it be worth it, are there any pros and cons of appearing for a drop year? 

Surely there are pros and cons of going for a drop year that you should consider before opting for the same. 

Advantages of dropping a year for the JEE exam

A chance to perform better

A major pro of opting for a drop year is that the aspirants have already appeared for this exam. This gives them the benefit of getting acquainted with their weaker sections. Thus a drop year gives the chance to work on your weaker sections and polish them to the core. 

Due to the vastness of the syllabus of the JEE exam, combined with the pressure of boards the students find it burdensome to manage both exams. The two years aren't enough to prepare for the JEE exam when you have 2 major exams to prepare for. 

The lack of time yields a low score, on the other hand, a drop year gives you ample time to focus on the JEE exam. 


Self -analysis

Appeared for the JEE exam once and it did not yield much output. Then no worries. As of now, you have opted to go for a drop year which will give you an opportunity to analyze yourself. This is one of the major pros of opting for a drop year.

When you are appearing for a drop year you need to work on your weak areas which can only be worked upon if you have analyzed your past mistakes. 

A drop year gives you all the time you need to focus on your JEE prep. This time you do not have to worry about the board's exam, attendance, assignment, etc. And hence better prep, better output. 

Accomplish what you desire

Appearing for the exam acknowledges you with the fact of where you stand in the competition. With that knowledge, it becomes easy to work on areas that need to be worked upon. Now you know how much time and work you have to put in to score the desirable rank. With proper planning and a systematic approach to the JEE prep, you can achieve a good score. 


Targeting the best college

Getting into the top IIT college is the ultimate goal of every JEE aspirant. But to get the desirable college on the first attempt, considering the difficulty level of the JEE exam and the pressure of boards it is quite a challenging task. And instead of settling for a mediocre engineering college, opting for a drop is a smart option to give it another go. 

Reappearing for the exam with stronger preparation and confidence maximizes your chance of securing a seat in the desired college. 

Now you know the pros of appearing for a drop year and it might as well sound pleasing to you but these pros come along with some cons that you should keep in mind if you are planning to drop a year. 


Cons of choosing a drop year: 

Another year for the same

A drop year does give you hope of getting selected this time, but it all comes at a cost. Opting for a drop year means losing another year to the preparation of the same exam that you could not clear on the first attempt, and there is no assurance that you will this time. You have to prepare for it again and have to face the same competition and stress as you did the previous time. And for those students who wish to pursue master's and P.hd further in the future, opting for a drop can go against such plans. 


Added pressure

A drop year comes with added pressure not only from outside sources but there is the pressure created by yourself as well. The students are burdened with the thought of what if this year goes to waste, or what if I didn't get the desired college. Such thoughts can lead to anxiety which can further affect the result of a drop year. But opting for the right droppers courses and surrounding yourself with positivity can kick all the negativity out of your box. 


Aftermath of opting for a drop year

This year will be a year of strenuous preparation, stress, hard work, and bothersome thoughts. There will be times when your mind would be clouded by thoughts like is this the right choice, will I be able to do it, what if i'm not capable enough? There will be a lot of pressure backed by frustration, lack of concentration & focus, etc. 

But you have come all this way then you can surely do it, beat the fear of failing by pushing the negativity out. 



With the given points it is quite clear whether opting for a drop would be a good option for you or not. If you are firm with your decision of taking a drop then grab the right material, surround yourself with positivity and start preparing for it now. 


Can droppers clear JEE?

Yes, if you are putting all the focus and following the right strategies then no matter if you are a dropper or not you can excel in the JEE exam. 


Can I get into an IIT after a 2-year drop?

No, you cannot even fill the form after a 2-year drop. 


What is the percentage of droppers in IIT?

More than 50% of students who appear for the JEE exam are droppers.