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How to Prepare for NEET 2022 at Home During COVID-19 Outbreak?

11 May, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

NEET is the prestigious exam of the country that targets giving capable students seats in one of the top medical colleges of the country. It is mandatory for the students to clear the NEET Exam if they want to serve the nation as a doctor. Lakhs of students appear for the NEET Exam every year. But only a few are able to get through it.

How to Prepare for NEET 2022 at Home During COVID 19 Outbreak

The competition is ever-increasing and it’s not easy to beg a seat in the NEET Exam. The NEET Exam is conducted by the national testing agency. The exam is centered on three subjects, namely physics, chemistry, and biology.

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To be on the list of toppers the students try their best, study day-in and day-out. But one requires correct strategies that can lead them to the path of success. As the corona wave has hit the country once again, various states of the country are practicing lockdown as a preventive measure. In this situation, students are finding it difficult to prepare for their exam seating at home. Well, you can take the assistance of the Etoosindia team to make your home study schedule accurate. Here we have for you some helpful tips that can guide you as you prepare from your home during the covid-19 outbreak.

Draft a Proper Timetable

You have with you the entire day, you need to focus on your goal and not waste time thinking that you are at your home, you can pick your book anytime. You have to follow your schedule in the right way. Make sure as you prepare for the next exam at home, you formulate the correct timetable where you invest a good number of hours in your studies. Studying without a timetable is a big waste of time, the competition is difficult and you can not choose to waste your time doing unnecessary activities.

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NCERT Shouldn’t Be Neglected

Students focus more on other books as compared to the NCERT. Well, this method is completely wrong, you need to invest your time in studying from the NCERT. NCERT is the king of all books, so no matter what you have to concentrate on the NCERT and study every bit of it. Once you are done with the NCERT you can choose to study from the other study material. Etoosindia helps the students with NCERT solutions. While studying from the NCERTit is compulsory for you to solve all the practice questions.

Get the Correct Study Material

You need to have with you the correct study material that can take you to your goal. There are students who unnecessarily pile their study table with lots of books and in the end, this puts them in trouble. If you are looking for the right study material then you can take the assistance of the Etoosindia team. The study material provided by Etoosindia is drafted by the top faculties of Kota, it focuses on making the concepts easy for the students.

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Revise, ReviseAnd Revise

Students after completing their syllabus once, get very overconfident and stop their preparation. If you want to touch the clouds of success then you need to put in enough effort. If you are finding it difficult to revise the entire course all over again then no worries Etoosindia is here to help you in all possible ways. The more you revise the easy it will be for you to solve the question paper on the day of the exam. The Etoosindia faculty has prepared several courses that are oriented to assist the students in revision, like the PERFECT REVISION COURSE and many more. You can get the right course for revision from the Etoosindia website.

Practicing With the Help of Previous Year's Question Papers And Sample Question Papers

Toppers are of the opinion that practicing from the Sample Question Papers is a very effective technique of scoring well in the NEET exam. As you are at your home you should take out lots of question papers from the internet. You can get them for free from the Etoosindia website. This will help you in discovering your leads and flaws. Also, your question-solving potential will get multiplied.

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Hope these tips will help you in preparing for NEET 2022 during a covid outbreak.