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10 mistakes during jee preparation you should avoid during prep

08 May, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

10 mistakes during jee preparationThe National Testing Agency of the country is responsible for conducting the JEE Exam every year. The competition is difficult and it is not easy to score well. The paper is conducted in two parts, the first paper is of JEE Mains, and the students who clear the JEE Mains are allowed to appear for the JEE Advanced.

If you are a JEE student then it is mandatory for you to score well in JEE Mains and clear the cut-off so that you get a chance to reach the JEE  Advanced Paper.

The JEE Advanced is conducted with the objective of giving deserving students seats in one of the top engineering colleges of the country. Students prepare for this day with full dedication but still due to the loopholes in their preparation they fail to get selected. Students in order to focus on the major part, simply neglect some minor points they should be keeping in mind while preparation. Here we have for you the list of 10 most common mistakes you should avoid during the perparation of JEE Advanced 2023.

Make sure you read the entire article thoroughly so that you can save yourself Mistakes during jee preparation. Let’s have a look:

Mistakes during jee preparation you should avoid

Neglecting the Time-table

If you are a JEE student then you should be aware about the importance of timetable then this is the biggest mistakes during jee preparation you should avoid. As you begin with the preparation make sure that you draft a proper timetable where you allot equal hours to all the subjects. No matter what, make sure that you have the right timetable with you. 

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Not Following the Timetable

If you are someone who is found of creating a timetable but when it is about following the timetable rigidly, you often skip it. So another mistakes during JEE Preparation is to not to follow the timetable. Focus on your target and your timetable also else it will be challenging for you to score well in the JEE Advanced 2023.

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Too Many Books are a Problem

There are many students who often get carried away by what others tell them. There is no sense of piling your study table with books. You just need to have the right books for your preparation. You can opt for the Etoosindia Study Material. It’s simply the right choice.

NCERT- is of no use (biggest misconception)

Another mistakes during jee preparation is that Students don’t pay much attention on the ncert. If you are someone who is of the opinion that ncert is of no use then you are going on the wrong way. Your priority should be completing the entire ncert first. If you are choosing to skip the ncert this means you are failing in the basics.

Not Revising

Revision plays a crucial role in shaping the success of the students. Don’t get overconfident thinking that you have already completed the course once. You need to keep revising as much a possible. There are chances that you might forget all that you have covered if you don’t revise.

Not Focusing on the Question-Solving Speed

Another mistakes during JEE Preparation is that There are students who don’t pay attention on their question-solving calibre and this is the reason that they fail to complete the entire question paper on time. Speed plays a crucial role in the JEE Advanced paper, hence make sure you invest proper time on increasing your question-solving speed.

Comprising with Health

Good health will help you in reaching your goal. You need to focus on your health and your sleep schedule. Students keep on neglecting there eating and sleeping patterns and this makes them physically weak. Make sure eat healthy food and take enough hours of slumber.

Not Practicing the Previous Years’ Question Papers

Previous Years Question Paper are of supreme importance. Yet there are students who are of the opinion that practicing them is nothing except a waste of time and this puts them in trouble.

Getting Anxiety Stricken

Another mistakes during JEE Preparation is that they are getting anxiety stricken. If you feel that even after so much of hard work you won’t be able to make through it then you are pushing yourself towards negativity. Don’t get anxiety- stricken. Refresh your mind by doing something that your heart likes and keep your motivation alive.

Covering the Skipped Topics at the End

What you have done keep strengthening those topics. But don’t start learning the new topics just before your exam.


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