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How to solve questions for JEE Exam 2023- Check Here

04 Sep, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

How to solve questions for jee examJEE Exam is conducted by the national testing agency of the country. The exam is really difficult and the rise in the number of aspirants multiplies the difficulty level of this exam. Here are ways on How to Solve Questions for JEE Exam. The entire exam is centered on the problem-solving type of question. And to be on the list of toppers, one needs to master the art of problem-solving. If you are a JEE aspirant then it should be your priority to polish your problem-solving skills of physics, chemistry, and math to get ahead of others. You need to figure out the most effective and time-saving approach. Let’s have a look at some of the most helpful tips that can foster your problem-solving skills. 

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How to solve questions for JEE Exam

Mental Math Is Of Great Help

First Tip on How to solve questions for JEE is to Focus on mental math one of the intelligent ways to conquer and enhance problem-solving skills is by practicing mental Math. When you practice mental math you get an idea about how you can reach the answer in the fewest steps possible. Some tricks like subtraction without a carry, tricks for three-digit multiplications, etc. assist you in calculating in the least time in your JEE exam. If you choose to follow the long-traditional methods of calculation then there are high chances that you fail to answer all the questions on the day of the exam.

Takedown The Points Of The Questions 

Another Tip on How to solve questions for JEE is to analyze the question properly, students often read the question in one sight and start solving it. This approach to solving the question is completely wrong. You have to collect the information or we can say the data that is given in the question. Takedown all the points. And then understand what is asked, read the question carefully at least twice. Students after reading the question in a hurry relate it to the one they practiced while preparing for the exam and hence due to this silly mistake they lose marks. Make sure that you understand what’s asked in the question before you begin with the answer. 

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Don’t Presume

Another tip on How to solve questions for JEE is not to presume anything. Sometimes the way the question is put in front of you is slightly tricky. Don’t get panic after reading the question and start assuming that you don’t have the correct answer to it. Also analyzing the difficulty level of the question just by looking at its length or the terms used is totally a wrong aspect. You need to have a positive mindset when you are attempting the questions. Some questions will be coming from the topics that you are weak in, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to answer them right. Be confident and try solving the questions will a relaxed mind.

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Formulas And Theorems Are Very Important 

Another tip on How to solve questions for JEE is to Learn all the formulas and theorems from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. You should have them all at your fingertips, learn them by heart. You should have them pasted in your brain so that you don’t have to waste your time thinking about the correct formulas and theorems while you are sitting in the exam hall. Always highlight the formulas which you feel are difficult and try to practice and learn them regularly, one day you will surely be able to get command over all the formulas you once found difficult. 

Put Graphs And Charts In Your Routine 

Another tip on How to solve questions for JEE is to get familiar with the reading of graphs and charts. Various students put a lot of time into reading a single graph. The time is limited and you have to answer the entire question if you want to reach your target, to be on the safer side develop the habit of reading the charts and the graphs regularly. One of the most common mistakes made by the students is they forget to convert the graph readings according to the scale of the graphs. Practicing the graph question will surely enhance your problem-solving skills. 

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Playing Can Be of Great Help 

Another way on How to solve questions for JEE is to play Games like Sudoku are of great help if you are willing to improve your problem-solving capacity for the JEE exam. When you play games like chess and math puzzles you push your mind to develop better tricks to reach your goal. Don’t feel that playing games are a waste of time, games can be your rescue you just need to choose the right ones that can assist you in your JEE exam as well. 

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