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JEE Main Preparation Time Table for 1 Month

19 May, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

JEE Main Preparation Time Table for 1 Month.


Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for the JEE exam. The last month of preparation plays a very crucial role. You need to be very attentive towards your timetable; one of the major things to remember is that you need to improvise your dedication level if you want to reach your dream. Many students find it difficult to draft a timetable that can help them in covering the entire syllabus.

Here we have certain JEE Main 2021 Preparation Time Table for 1 Month tips for you that can assist you in covering your syllabus in a better way

Studying both the important and the less important topics simultaneously

As you start with the preparation in the first week of the remaining 30 days try doing both the important and the less important topics simultaneously. This will help you in covering all the sections. Many times it does happen that the students in the greed of covering the heavy weightage chapters aren’t left with time to cover the fewer weightage chapters.

Your preparation should be formalized in a way that none of the topics stays untouched. This is one of the most important 1 month jee main tips.


jee preparation.

Study the new topics along with the previous ones

As you move towards week 2, you need to start revising the chapters. There are many chapters that you might have done freshly, but this doesn’t mean that you skip the revision of the newly learned chapters. You have to give time to all the topics that you have learned in the beginning and the ones you have learned recently.

Your revision time shouldn’t be complicated at any cost. Rushing with the revision is of no good. You have to give proper time to revise the topics. Proper time doesn’t mean sitting with a particular topic for too long. Your revision hours should neither be too long nor too short.  Boost up your preparation of JEE Main 2021

30 days preparation timetable for JEE Main 2021: Practicing the sample question papers

As you have learned all the topics, also you have started with your revision but still, there might be things that you aren’t perfect at. The major problem is how to figure out the flaws in your preparation. Well, this can be done with the help of practising the previous year papers and the sample question papers.

Get started with the practising of various kinds of question papers in the third week of preparation. As you practice from these question papers mark the questions that you find difficult and look for the solution once you have completed the entire question paper.


JEE Main 2021 for 1 month preparation: Subject wise revision

As you move in the final week left for the preparation of your exam you need to allot each day to a subject. Select a particular day for the revision of an individual subject, and on that day cover all the topics of that subject. This will help you in covering all the subjects in a better way. As you still have a few more days you can choose to solve more sample question papers.

Prepare for JEE main in 1 Month in the best way possible. Follow this jee main preparation time table. This 30-day exam timetable is the answer to your question-How to score 200+ in jee mains in 1 month. 

Just before the day of your exam stay calm and relaxed, give peace to your mind, and keep yourself away from all sorts of panic. And take enough rest, else you may feel lazy while sitting in the examination hall. 

You can surely try this system to have an organized 1-month preparation strategy. This is this ultimate answer to your problem “How To Prepare For JEE Main In 1 Month”.  Know more about the JEE Main Exam Detail 2021

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