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Best JEE Main Schedule to Follow for JEE 2023- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

31 Oct, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

Best JEE Main Schedule to follow

The race to get admitted to one of the top engineering colleges of the country is hard to win. But if you have the right strategies  and proper JEE Main Schedule to follow then getting on the list of toppers isn’t a difficult task at all. You need to work smarter along with working hard. You need to have the right strategies with you that can help you in moving faster in your preparation. The number of students appearing for the jee exam is increasing every year. To shine bright in this tough competition, you need to be dedicated to your goal. The JEE main exam is the filtration process for the JEE advanced exam, the students who are able to clear JEE main exam are only permitted to appear for the JEE advanced exam. if you are planning to appear for JEE mains 2023 then you need to have the proper JEE Main Schedule for the exam.

The students are given 2 chances to appear for the jee mains exam. The course is vast; if you are finding it difficult about how to schedule JEE Main January 2023 preparations then we have for you the right Time Table for JEE Main that will help you in covering all your topics on time.

JEE Main Schedule for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Having proper schedule for the exam will help you score well. In this article we are providing you schedule for PCM to boost your preparation

JEE Main Schedule for Physics

Physics is an interesting subject, yet there are various students who are not able to perform well in the physics section and one major reason behind this is, the students are not able to prepare well because of the lengthy timetable. You can divide your preparation. Like how many chapters or topics you will be covering in a particular month.  

In first month cover Class 11 Topics such as Newton Laws Of Motion, Elementary Mathematics, Kinematics and Circular Motion. Class 12 Topics Include Magnetism, Current Electricity, Electrostatics and Capacitance.

In Second Month Cover Class 11 Topics such as Work, Energy and Power, Collision and Momentum, Friction and Vectors. Class 12 Topics Includes Rotational Mechanics, Ray Optics, AC and Electromagnetic Induction.

In Third Month Cover Class 11 Topics such as Gravitation, Wave Optics, EM Waves, Waves, Heat and Thermodynamics and Properties of Solid. Class 12 Topics Includes SHM, Photo Electric Effect, Atomic Structure, Semiconductor, X Rays and fluid mechanics.

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JEE Main Schedule for Chemistry

Chemistry is all about the concepts related to chemicals. Get the JEE Main syllabus for chemistry and then formulate a time table for JEE Main 2023 chemistry. Don’t forget the fact, that you have got a time limit hence you need to be wise when you are framing your timetable for chemistry.

In first month cover Class 11 Topics such as Chemical Bonding, Atomic Structure, Ionic Equilibrium, Mole Concept, Gaseous State, Chemical Equilibrium and Periodic Properties. Class 12 Topics Include Electrochemistry, Solid State, Surface Chemistry, Solution & Colligative Properties, Radioactivity, Chemical Kinetics and Volumetric Analysis.

In Second Month Cover Class 11 Topics such as s-Block, Isomerism, Hydrogen, Thermodynamics, Hydrocarbon, General Organic Chemistry (GOC), Purification Of Organic Compounds, p-Block and IUPAC. Class 12 Topics Includes Alcohols, Ethers, Phenols, Alkyl & Aryl Halides, Carboxylic Acids, Amines, Aldehydes & Ketones, Optical Iso. & Tautomerism, Coordination Compounds, Polymers, Biomolecules, Nitrogen Family, Oxygen Family, Halogen Family and Hydrocarbons + EAS.

In Third Month Cover Class 12 Topics such as Metallurgy, Qualitative Analysis, d-& f Block Elements, Chemistry In Everyday Life and Noble Gases.

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JEE Main Schedule for Mathematics

Math needs proper practice and regular practise of this subject is very supreme. To complete your math syllabus on time, consider the below-given table.

In first month cover Class 11 Topics such as Quadratic Equations, Basic Mathematics, Complex Numbers. Class 12 Topics Include Matrices, Determinants, Probability, L.C.D., Functions and Mathematical Reasoning. 

In Second Month Cover Class 11 Topics such as Properties of Triangle, Trigonometric Identities and Hyperbola. Class 12 Topics Includes L.C.D., Functions and Mathematical Reasoning. 

In Third Month Cover Class 11 Topics such as Straight Lines, Binomial Theorem and Sequence & Series. Class 12 Topics Includes Indefinite Integral, Area Under Curve and Application of derivatives.

In Fourth Month Cover Class 11 Topics such as Circles, Parabola, Permutation and Combination and Ellipse. Class 12 Topics Includes Definite Integral, Vectors & 3-D and Differential Equation

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Hope this JEE Main Schedule will be helpful for you. 


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