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Best Time Table to boost your JEE Main Preparation 2023

31 Oct, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

Time Table to boost your JEE Main Preparation

Time Table for JEE Main Preparation 2023- The National Testing Agency conducts the IIT-JEE Exam every year, to allow the seat to the intelligent brains of the country in the top engineering colleges. Every year there are several students who aspire to beg a seat in one of the IIT Colleges but only some handful of students are able to get through it. If you are also one of the IIT aspirants and you want to get into the top engineering colleges of the country then you need to have the correct strategies with you. One of the biggest tasks for the students is to develop the right strategies that can help to score well.

The jee main exam is conducted twice a year. Firstly in the month of January and secondly in the month of April. The better score of the student, out of the 2 attempts is considered. It is vital for the students to qualify for the JEE Main, to get the allowance to appear for the JEE advanced. The course of the JEE main exam is vast hence you need to have the right plans. To help you in the best way possible we jee main time table 2023. Check out the best timetable for jee main 2023 Preparation, prepared by the Kota's best IIT JEE faculties.

Best Time Table for JEE Main Preparation 2023- Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

Start JEE Main Preparation with a daily study time table for JEE Main 2023. It will help students to plan their Study Schedule for Preparation and revision. Go through the below time table to get more Scoring marks in JEE main 2023 Examination.

Time Table for JEE Main Preparation Physics 2023

Physics is an interesting subject, yet there are students who are not able to get good marks in physics. Physics is fun to learn, if you have the right strategies with you then you can easily score well in physics. You need to be sure that you complete the entire physics syllabus on time. Follow the below-given table that includes a proper timetable for your physics preparation.


Class 11 Chapter

Class 12 Topics Chapter

1st Month

Newton Laws Of Motion


Elementary Mathematics

Current Electricity



Circular Motion




2nd Month

Work, Energy & Power

Rotational Mechanics

Collision & Momentum

Ray Optics




Electromagnetic Induction



3rd Month



Wave Optics 

Photo Electric Effect

EM Waves

Atomic Structure

Properties of Solid

Fluid Mechanics


4th Month




Heat & Thermodynamics

X Rays




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Time Table for JEE Main Preparation Chemistry 2023

Chemistry time table for JEE Main Preparation 2023: Chemistry is fun to learn. The entire chemistry revolves around the concepts of chemical formation and chemical bonds; you will be able to learn the subject properly if you start your preparation on time. Start your preparation from, October and you will be having 3 entire months to study properly. There are several topics in the chemistry section and it is a good, scoring subject. if you are finding it difficult to frame a perfect timetable for your IIT preparation then you can take the help of the below-given timetable. Focus on your target so that you get ample time to revise the syllabus.


Class 11 Topics

Class 12 Topics

1st Month

Chemical Bonding


Atomic Structure

Solid State

Ionic Equilibrium

Surface Chemistry

Mole Concept

Solution & Colligative Properties

Gaseous State


Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Kinetics

Periodic Properties

Volumetric Analysis


2nd Month


Alcohols, Ethers, Phenols


Alkyl & Aryl Halides


Carboxylic Acids




Aldehydes & Ketones

General Organic Chemistry (GOC)

Optical Iso. & Tautomerism


Hydrocarbons + EAS


3rd Month

Purification Of Organic Compounds

Coordination Compounds





Nitrogen Family

Oxygen Family

Halogen Family



4th Month




Qualitative Analysis

d-& f Block Elements

Chemistry In Everyday Life

Noble Gases

 Premier and Pioneer Batch Phase 2

Time Table for JEE Main Preparation Mathematics 2023

Math time table for IIT JEE 2023: Math is a horrifying subject for various students; students find it difficult to score well in the math section. Math is a subject that doesn’t include cramping at all. It is a subject based on proper understanding. If you are also willing to score well in math then you can take the help of the below-given math Time table for JEE Main Preparation.


Class 11 Topics

Class 12 Topics


Quadratic Equations


Basic Mathematics




Properties of Triangle


Trigonometric Identities




Straight Lines

Indefinite Integral

Sequence & Series

Application of derivatives



Binomial Theorem

Area Under Curve


Definite Integral




Vectors & 3-D


Permutation & Combination

Differential Equation




Mathematical Reasoning

Complex Numbers





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You need to be sure that you practice this subject daily. Practice makes a man perfect and this idiom is well-suited in the case of math. The more you practice the easier it will be for you to overcome the difficulties of math.

Make sure that you divide your studies in a way that you are able to cover all the topics. So draft a plan to study accordingly, focusing on the topic that you feel, you couldn’t study properly in the previous attempt.

As you start your preparation keep in mind that you keep solving the previous years’ question paper or sample question papers, side by side. Studying with the help of these question papers will let you know your leads and flaws. Make sure that you provide sufficient time for your jee main revision.


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