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5 Effective Toppers Study Hacks for JEE Preparation

20 Aug, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

5 Effective Toppers Study Hacks for JEE Preparation

The national testing agency of the country is responsible for conducting the JEE exam. There are lakhs of students who wish to be amongst the top rank holders, but out of these, only a handful number of students turn their dream into reality. So what makes the difference? What distinguishes an aspirant from a rank holder? The answer is the strategies and the preparation. Here in this article we are providing you with some Toppers Study Hacks. Considering the difficulty level of the exam, the students should form their JEE strategies in the best way possible. The JEE aspirants have to clear the cut-off of the JEE mains to reach the JEE advanced. The syllabus is vast and each year the number of aspirants appearing for the JEE exam gets multiplied.

If you want to reach your goal, then here we have for you toppers study hacks for effective JEE preparation.

5 Effective Toppers Study Hacks for JEE Preparation

Have a Well-Defined Timetable

One of the toppers study hacks is to have a timetable for your preparation. Make sure you draft a well-organized timetable for yourself. You need to give time to all three subjects. Students prepare a timetable but don’t care much about following it. All the toppers are of the opinion that timetable plays a vital role in success, hence none should overlook the necessity of the timetable. You should also mention the amount of breaks you will be taking while you study. The timetable helps you in saving a lot of your time rather gets wasted on deciding which topic should you begin while you sit to study. 

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Spending a Good Amount of Time on the NCERT

Many of the JEE aspirants prefer all the other preparation books except the NCERT. If you are also one of them who feel that NCERT is just a waste of time, then you are wrong.  Another toppers study hacks is to spend ample amount of time on NCERT. NCERT is the master of all the books. You have to complete the entire NCERT before you move on to the other books. This book will help you in understanding the basics of all the subjects.

Rankers always prefer studying from the NCERT first. It is one of their strongest strategies. So make sure that while you are preparing for the JEE exam, you don’t skip to study from this book. The  Etoosindia faculties pay proper attention on completing the entire NCERT. 

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Getting the Best Study Material

Another toppers study hacks is to get best study material. Now, once you are done with the entire NCERT you should opt for other study materials as well. This doesn’t mean that you should overburden your study table with lots and lots of books. This simply means that you need to have with you the jee main study material. You can choose to get the Etoosindia books. These books are the complete package of ample of information related to all the topics that are a part of your syllabus. The faculty after properly analyzing the topics of the syllabus draft the books. These books also carry ample of practise questions and a lot more.

Practising the Question Papers- Very Important

Another Toppers Study Hacks is to Practice the Question Papers. Now, one of the most recommended and most adopted strategy by all the toppers. If you are a JEE student and you are looking for the best preparation tips, then this one is surely for you. You should practise more and more with the help if jee advanced chapter wise previous years questions papers and sample question paper. You can get numerous question papers from the Etoosindia website. As you practice you will get aware about the topics that can make you lose marks in the JEE exam.

You should focus on working on the topics that you lack in. You will also be able to boost your problem-solving capacity.

Staying Motivated

Another Toppers Study Hacks is to study motivated. All the toppers suggested that it is mandatory for you that you keep yourself motivated for your exam. Don’t let anything pull you away from your goal. You should maintain a balance between studies and other activities. To help you in taking rest you have to indulge yourself in other activities too. Take proper sleep and never miss your meals. Stay away from all the negativity energy.

Get the Best Course for the JEE preparation, Time Saver Course from the Etoosindia website and book your rank in the JEE exam. 

Believe in yourself and you will surely be able to make through it.


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