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All About Best Online Coaching & Top Things To Consider While Choosing Any institute

01 Sep, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

Best Online Coaching

Every one of us grows up with dreams in our eyes, some of us wish to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, etc. But to be able to achieve any of the mentioned professional careers one needs to clear the arduous exams like IIT, NEET, AIEEE, etc. Lakhs of students appear for these exams to get a seat in the top college of their preferred course. To get closer to their dreams the students are required to nose to the grindstone because of the immensely huge competition. 

To beat the competition the students keep looking for the right sources that will help them sail through the exam. 

The majority of students begin their preparation for JEE/NEET with the search for the best online coaching that will power them with the right amount of support and proper guidance. 

It is a fact that with fast-paced development, the education sector is no less in keeping pace with the market standards. It has its own market where every best online coaching institute is competing with others. And in the greed to expand their student crowd, these JEE/NEET coaching institutes make false promises which ultimately affect the future of the student. 

But being a student it comes as your responsibility to take deep research of the best online coaching institute you are getting admission into. 

Important things that would be considered while opting for the best online coaching

To make your research easy here is a list of things that you should consider while opting for the best online coaching institute.

1. Past record of the coaching institute 

Before opting for an institute you should have all the information regarding its past records like its success rate or how the coaching is from taking a mediocre student to an extraordinary one. You should always go for a JEE experienced coaching center that has an edge over producing the most cream minds. Every institute has a forte over a specific course, consider an institute looking at the number of students that get enrolled year for that very course. Because students always move to the better side. Not just this, but look for the results or how many students ranked between the top 100, 1000, or 500. You can read the reviews on the internet but just make sure that your decision is not guided by testimonials or the reception desk.

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2. Qualified staff 

Always look for an institute with a brilliant pool of teachers because only brilliant teachers can impart excellent education. And make the most difficult of things easy for students and should have in themselves the capacity to take the students from being a non-thinker to completely intense thinkers.

The point is brilliant teachers can make the most grinding of tasks unchallenging.

Look for best online coaching institutes that have faculty who themselves cracked exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, AIEEE, etc.

For a better understanding let's take a teacher who is an IIT alumnus, such teachers will be able to prepare students much better than the ones who did not even appear for the exam, as such teachers know what is important and what tricks will help the students grasp easily.

Nowadays, several coachings are providing demo lectures to showcase their faculties to make the task of selection easy for you. 

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3. Fee structure

This particular aspect may surprise you a bit as the fee structure of coachings vary because some are newly emerging institutes while some are old establishments. To tempt the student's various discounts and other facilities are provided. But you should always keep in mind your basic requirement which is getting a quality education in a student-friendly environment. 

Quality education should be a primary concern no matter how discounted other facilities are. 

Enquire about whether you have to pay the fees in installments or have to pay it all at once. Or will there be any discount provided if you pay the whole fee at once? Choose the mode that suits you the best. 

Some institutes conduct entrance exam preparation and provide discounts on tuition fees if the students clear good marks. 

4. Look for a better infrastructure

Coachings introduce you to their classrooms, seating arrangements, lighting arrangements, discussion rooms, and availability of other facilities like air conditioning, drinking water, etc.

No matter how good a lecturer is at imparting knowledge but if there is no air conditioner facility, sitting at a very high temperature with so many students won’t let you grasp better. 

Also, look for better health and sanitation facilities to sustain for a long time in the classrooms.

5. Traveling time 

While opting for the best online coaching institute calculate the time that would be consumed in traveling to the coaching. Looking at the scenario of a school-going student, he would not have time to rest if opted for an institute too far away from home and would be too pressed to perform well in both schools and coaching. 

So, select the right and the best online coaching considering the traveling time consumed in moving to the same. 


Is self-study enough for JEE?

Yes, it is enough if you are focused and doing it with the right JEE preparation tips

Can I score 300 in JEE without coaching?

Yes, with proper planning and concentration and self study you can crack the JEE exam with 300 marks. 

How many hours do JEE toppers sleep?

To keep your mind active and focused it is vital to take 6-7 hours of sleep.