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All About Study of PCM for the JEE - The right guide for your study

25 Oct, 2022, By Tanvi Sharma

All about study of PCM for JEE

To anyone one of you planning to become an engineer from the top colleges of India, you must be utterly aware of the fact that to be able to accomplish this dream it is a prerequisite to clear the JEE exam. The JEE exam is one of the most prestigious, competitive, and arduous exams conducted in the country. The students have to stand tough in this cutthroat competition with their noses to the grindstone to get admission to the top colleges. 

Study of PCM for the JEE: Understanding the exam

The JEE exam is conducted at two levels, i.e, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The questions in both exams come from three subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Students who clear the JEE Mains exam with a good score are eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced. Clearing the JEE mains with a decent score will get you admission to the best NITs, IIITs and GFTIs while clearing the JEE Advanced with an exceptional score will get you admission to the top IITs and other prestigious engineering colleges of the country. To get admission to the desired colleges it is important that you put in tremendous hard work in studying all the subjects as it is the sum score of all three subjects that will constitute your score.

Hence, you should follow the strategies that will make it easy to study PCM for the JEE. 

Study of PCM for the JEE: Subject-wise study tips

The three subjects of the JEE exam are no doubt very challenging but if you want to study of PCM for the JEE and score well then it is a prerequisite that you follow the right tips. 

Given are the subject-wise tips that will make the study of PCM for the JEE smooth:

Mathematics study tips

Mathematics is a key subject in the JEE exam and thus scoring well in this particular subject is going to make a major impact on your overall score. To excel in this exam you need to have conceptual knowledge and problem-solving skills to be able to solve the questions in the best way possible. Along with this, it is mandatory to get familiar with the exam pattern.

Given are some of the important topics of mathematics that you need to cover to put your best in the study of PCM for the JEE: 

  • Matrices and Determinants

  • Continuity and Differentiability

  • Parabola

  • Circle

  • Area under curves

  • Differential equation

  • Vector

  • Application of Derivatives

  • Definite integration

  • Permutation and Combination

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Binomial Theorem

  • Application of Integrals

  • Sequence and series

  • Three -Dimensional Geometrical systems.

Physics study tips

Among all the three subjects Physics comprises the highest level of difficulty which is very much challenging. But it might be difficult but not impossible to crack. With lots of practice and learning of the concepts, scoring well in JEE Physics will become an effortless task. Given are the most important topics of Physics are: 

  • Mechanics

  • Electrostatics and Current Electricity 

  • Optics and Modern Physics

  • Heat and Thermodynamics 

  • Kinematics and Dimensions 

  • Rotational Motion

  • Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Conversion of Momentum and Mechanical Energy, 

  • Gravitation 

  • Waves and Sound

  • Geometrical Optics 

  • Magnetic effects of Current

The other important topics of JEE Advanced Physics are:

  • Dimensions

  • Doppler’s Effect

  • Motion in Vertical Circle

  • Electric Flux and Gauss Law

  • Torque and Angular Momentum

  • Rolling Motion, 

  • Dynamics of Rotational Motion, 

  • Lens Maker Formula, 

  • Application of Bernoulli’s Equation, 

  • Heat Conduction, 

  • Radioactivity, 

  • LR Circuits, 

  • The motion of a charged particle in a Magnetic and Electric Field, 

  • Magnetic field- Biot-Savart’s and its Application. 

Chemistry study tips

The JEE Advanced chemistry includes 25 chapters, which is more than the topics included in the JEE mains. To ace this exam the students need to have a basic understanding of the bond information, and the periodic table, and breaking this will help with the understanding of the Chemistry of JEE Advanced the easy way. 

Chemistry is divided into three sections: 

1. Physical Chemistry

2. Inorganic Chemistry

3. Organic Chemistry

Given are the important chapters of the JEE Advanced Chemistry: 

  • Redox reactions,

  • Thermochemistry and the second law of thermodynamics,

  • Carbonyl compounds and their derivatives,

  • Solid-state, solutions, and gasses theory,

  • Chemical bonding and the periodic table,

  • Mole concept and the concept of equivalents. 

Being well-versed in the given topics of chemistry, it will be easy to Study of PCM for the JEE.

Study of PCM for the JEE: Study tips to follow

Going through the important topics is essential for the preparation for every exam. But to ace such strenuous exams, it is pivotal to follow the right tips that will lead you to the road to success. 

Follow the given tips to ace the JEE Advanced exam 2023:

Adhere to a routine

When you begin your preparation for the JEE exam the first thing you should start with is the formation of a routine that you can adhere to the whole time of your preparation journey. To create a balance in the study of all three subjects you need to create a study plan that will divide equal time among all three subjects. 

Regular practice through mock Test 

It is rightly said that “If you practice hard, you can win every battle." the more you practice you more you clear your way of getting admission to the top Engineering colleges. When you are focusing on the JEE exam it is a pivotal requirement that the Study of PCM for the JEE includes practicing JEE Mock test series. The mock test series are formulated on the basis of the NTA pattern paper that familiarizes you with the types of questions that are asked in the exam and also with the paper pattern which is a necessary requirement to breeze through the JEE exam.

After giving a mock test make certain that you scrutinize your results and work on your weak areas. 

Formulas are the strength

To stand high in preparation for the JEE Advanced exam having formulas at your fingertips is a necessary requirement. All Three subjects are formula based and hence to crack the JEE exam it is important to have a solid knowledge of the formulas. 

Revision is the key

Our mind tends to forget what we studied some time ago thus it is important to keep reintroducing it with what you studied before from time to time. No matter how excellent you are in a particular topic it is important that you keep revising it at regular intervals. 


How can I prepare for the JEE Mains and Advanced 2023 with the board examination?

The given tips will help you prepare for the JEE mains and Advanced exams and boards together:

  1. Know the syllabus and exam pattern of both

  2. Study with proper planning

  3. Set daily targets

  4. Pick out the common topics

I'm a dropper preparing for the JEE 2023. How do I analyze mistakes on a daily basis during prep?

Practicing more and more will help you get good command over your weak areas and will also assist you in analyzing your mistakes

What is the best PYQS book of the IIT JEE 2023?

To excel in the JEE 2023 exam it is important that you keep practicing. Practice helps you achieve excellence over the most arduous of topics. The more you practice the better holds you will help over the topics that you are weak at. If you are looking for PYQs to boost your problem-solving skills then you can opt for ETOOS India as it provides PYQs free in the most easily accessible way.

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