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How to Study Effectively? 10 Tips for Success in JEE

22 Jul, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

how to study effectively.

Exams are a part of every student’s life. Many students have a huge fear of exams. Exams are just a healthy way of testing and improving the learning calibre of the students. Are you finding it difficult how to study effectively?  Here we have for you certain study tips/study habits that will help you in raising your motivation.

How to Study Effectively?

1. Maintaining a routine

In general cases, the students are found wasting a lot of time when they study without any orientation. If you want to keep things fix and balanced then you certainly need to have a timetable that allows you to study with more concentration and assistance. You need to draw a routine, fetch some hours out of your day that you will surely devote to your studies. The best way to jump in the list of wise students is with the help of a study routine. You will be able to cover topics in a better and faster way.

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2. Understanding the importance of good grades

You are aiming at a good score but did you ever think why are good scores essentials? You need to understand the concept behind your goal only then you will be able to get closer to your destiny. You need good grades to explore your potential. It might be possible that probably you have been underrating yourself, if you focus on higher scoring you will be able to understand where you truly stand.

  • Good scores are an assurance to your bright career

  • You get to develop the feeling of dedication and responsibility towards your parents and family

  • You are able to pursue the path of excellence

  • No regrets ever 

3. Turning the boring concepts interesting- how to study effectively?

You need to push the curious child in you to help you in developing interest in the subjects that don’t suit you. All students have one subject with which the task of connecting becomes challenging. It’s obvious that no subject can be left undone if you are willing to get an amazing aggregate. Only you can change your outlook towards the subject. You need to ask yourself the reason why you find it difficult or boring, you need to understand the reasoning and work on it so that you can accept the subject and give better efforts towards learning it.

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4. Take a break, take some rest-The best way to study

You have a lot to study, doesn’t mean that you will forget the sensitivity of the brain. Your brain cells need proper rest so that it becomes easy for them to understand and pick up the topics that you are learning. Never compromise with rest, studies prove that you can’t concentrate on your learning until your mind is completely involved and the only way to involve your mind is by providing it necessary breaks.

5. Group studies- best way to study

In case you often end up studying for a few minutes and you find it difficult to concentrate for a longer duration then the best way to bring yourself out from this trouble is studying in groups. Group studies have been proven effective in several ways. You learn a great sense of accountability. Your study time becomes interesting, you won’t have to pause on any problem you can discuss it with your friends and get a solution to it immediately.

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6. Exercise regularly

One of the biggest mistakes committed by the students is that they often skip indulging in physical activity in their schedule. Physical workout and exercising are really very essential for the students. Long hours of studying makes the entire body and brain tired, you can keep away lethargy by indulging in exercise. Exercising provides the body the required help by boosting the energy levels in the body. Dedicate a minimum of 20-30 minutes on exercising regularly.

7. Not worrying about the fruit- how to study effectively?

Most of the students are panic-stricken because they fear the result. You need to believe in yourself and keep working hard. Just pause thinking about the outcome and be focused on your hard work. If you will disturb your mind by thinking about the result then you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies.

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8. A big no to distractions

One of the biggest things that keep you away from your goal is a distraction. And the major source of distraction for this generation is cell phones. You have to keep away your mobile phone to get closer to your goal. Avoid using the phone in your breaks also. If in case you think that phone can entertain you in your free time then you are purposely calling distraction your way. You won’t even realize how much of your precious time you wasted scrolling.

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9. No Mugging up- how to study effectively?

Students often indulge in the practice of cramming things. If you are also one of those students who are in the habit of learning things by cramming, then you need to stop this practice right now. You need to understand all the concepts that you have learned, until and unless you don’t understand the concepts, its useless studying.

You can take help of the internet to know how to study well/how to study for exams

10. Self-Motivation- how to study effectively?

You cannot reach your dream until and unless you don’t believe in yourself. Don’t let anything pull down your potential? Always remember you can and you will. No matter how difficult it is, you will surely make through it. You need to understand how to train your brain, to study effectively.

You can also take the help of motivational books/best inspirational books as they have effective study tips. These books provide you best study techniques that help you know how to improve study habits.


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