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Jee 2022- Prepare For Jee Main and Advanced 2022-23 Without Coaching

29 Apr, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

Prepare Jee Mains and advance without coaching

The JEE Mains paper is conducted by the National Testing Agency of the country with the aim of giving the capable students seats in the top engineering colleges of the country. If you are a JEE Mains aspirant then it is mandatory for you to clear the JEE Mains to reach the paper two I.e. the JEE Advanced. The authority to conduct the JEE Advanced has been given to the particular 7 IIT colleges of the country. The competition is very difficult, lakhs of students appear for this exam but only a few are able to reach the goal.

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While some students fail to clear the first paper, some are able to reach the paper two still they fail to get selected. The cut-off remains as high as anything. If you are also a JEE aspirant and you want to see yourself in one of the best engineering colleges of the country but you want to study by your own then you should have the correct strategies with you, that can help you in climbing the path of success. Most of the students prefer going to some classroom coaching, well with proper dedication and efforts one can beg a good rank sitting at home. Here we have for you some tips and tricks that can boost your preparation if you are studying on your own.

Starting with a Timetable

You need to have a perfect timetable with you that can accelerate your studies in the right way. Students often commit the mistake of studying without a timetable and this in return makes them lose much of their precious time. Plan a proper timetable, the jee paper is centered on three different subjects namely physics, chemistry and math. You need to invest proper time on all the subjects else your overall score might get affected. So without wasting start your preparation with the help of a timetable and don’t forget to follow it. Prepare Jee Mains and advance 2022 without coaching with a proper timetable.

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Completing the NCERT should be your Priority

Don’t get carried away by the people who tell that studying from the NCERT is of no use. It is the best book for the preparation of the JEE mains and advance. The students in a hurry of learning the advanced concepts lose their focus from the basics. Until and unless you are not able to understand the basics it will become different for you to grasp the higher concepts. So as you begin your preparation make sure that you study from the NCERT. This is one of the most effective tips for JEE mains and advance preparation at home.

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Watching Video Lectures

Internet is of great help for the students who are looking for ways to prepare jee mains and advance at home. There are students who seek help of the internet and are able to get to the list of toppers. You can also be one of them, all that you need to do is choose the correct online education platform. You can easily get ample of video lectures on all the topics on the ETOOSINDIA youtube channel. These video lectures are drafted by the top faculties of Kota. You can watch them for free, and enjoy studying your topic from your favourite faculty.

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Practising with the help of Previous Year's Question Papers and Sample Question Papers

The more you practise the easy it will be for you to score well. Practise makes a man perfect and their is no better way to practise other than solving the previous years question papers and sample question papers. You can get them all easily from the ETOOSINDIA website for free. These will help you in knowing about your leads and flaws. You can enhance your question-solving potential. And also as per the toppers if you are studying at home for Jee mains and advanced then nothing can be better than practising. 

Stay motivated

If you are putting the right amount of effort then no one can stop you from reaching cloud nine. Don’t get panic and keep yourself motivated, you should take enough sleep and eat well. And most importantly believe yourself.


Hope the above-given tips for self-studies for jee mains and advance 2022 will be helpful for you.