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PCM and PCB Study Strategies to Crack 12th Board Exams

23 Oct, 2021, By Tanvi Sharma

PCM and PCB Study Strategies to Crack 12th Board Exams

This year the CBSE has changed the board exams pattern to assist the students in a better way. Due to the second wave of the pandemic the students had to study online for a really long time. Considering and analyzing the future situations the CBSE has decided to conduct the board exams twice. The term 1 exams will be conducted in the month of November. The syllabus is also divided. For term 1 the students will be preparing 50% syllabus and the remaining syllabus is put for term 2.

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If you are a class 12 board student and you are searching for PCM/PCB study tips that can boost your score in the board exams then just follow the steps given below. Let’s have a look:

Strategies To Boost The Score In PCM/PCM Board Exams 2022

Being Very Careful About The Syllabus

The students might commit the mistake of studying the wrong topics. Keep in mind that while you are preparing for term 1 study only then topics that are part of term 1 syllabus and while you begin with term 2 preparation make sure that you don’t mix new and the previous topics. You can download the PCM/PCB syllabus CBSE boards from the CBSE official website.

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Now Start With Proper Planning

You have to plan your studies systematically. It is very important that you draw a suitable timetable that will guide you throughout your preparation duration. Check: Best All Day Time Table for Class 10 & 12 Board Exam Students Following a routine will help you in utilizing each and every second of your day. You have to give enough time to all the three subjects’ whether you are a PCM or PCB student. Don’t take your timetable for granted. You have to be very obedient towards your study routine. Understand the importance board exams carry in framing your success. Don’t be lenient in your preparation.

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Boards Are All About NCERT

Students feel that in order to be ahead in the race studying other publication books is necessary and in this myth, they divert their focus from the NCERT to the other books. Well, to excel in your PCM/PCB subject it is crucial to cover the entire NCERT. Don’t get carried away by the people who tell you that NCERT is a waste of time. Give proper time to NCERT and study every bit of it, be it the chapters or the practice questions.

Don’t Get Overconfident

Students often have the tendency of being overconfident once they have completed their syllabus. Just going through the syllabus once won’t take you to the heights of success. You need to be very dedicated to your studies. So make sure that you keep revising over and over again. After completing the syllabus you should shift your focus on the topics that you think can make you lose marks. Include revision hours in your timetable too. You should do your revision on a regular basis so that everything is stored in your mind till the day of the exam.

To take away all your worries the Etooindia team has launched the crash course for CBSE. As the board exams are just a few days away from you, you can opt for the Etoosindia crash course. This course will assist you in completing the entire theory in the minimum days. You will get to study all the topics with the help of the best faculty of Kota. As this pattern is new for the students, the faculties would also assist the students with MCQ-Based Question-Solving Techniques. The Video Lectures are prepared as per the Revised Syllabus.

The students will also get to interact with the faculties and this will help them in clearing all their doubts.


Keep Yourself Mentally And Physically

As you prepare for your PCM/PCB board exams 2022 make sure that you look after your mental and physical health. Until you aren’t fit physically and mentally you won’t be able to score well. You should give your brain cells the required rest, keep taking short breaks while you are studying. Have your meals on time don’t skip your meals. Your body requires enough strength.

Many students dream about being a CBSE board exams rank holder, if you aspire the same then hurry and get the crash course for CBSE by Etoosindia.