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Last Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main 2021 - Expert Tips

03 Mar, 2020, By Tanvi Sharma

Last Minute Tips for JEE Main 2021.


Any student who is preparing himself/herself for the JEE exam starts getting more and more nervous as the last week arrives. Well, always remember no exam is a monster, it’s just your way of analyzing the situation that makes it pathetic. You need to keep your senses alright and give support to your wellness. Here we have some basic do’s and don’ts that you should follow while you do last minute preparation for JEE Main 2021.

Last Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main 2021

1. Pay attention only to the important topics

You have been studying for this paper from the past 1-2 years so it’s obvious that you can’t revise the entire syllabus in the last few days. Instead of puzzling yourself with the panic of trying to revise the entire syllabus, it’s better that you revise the important topics only. This is one of the most important JEE Main 2021 Last Minute Preparation Tips.

Just a week is left and you have to cover three subjects, hence it will be better if you cover the important topics having more weightage.

2. Don’t try covering new topics

You have already put several things In your brain if you will try putting more of the topics then your poor brain will start losing the previously loaded data. So don’t commit the mistake of learning the new topics while doing your jee last minute preparation. You will waste an ample lot of time trying to study something new and still you will not get any fruit.

So instead of pressurizing your mind, cool down and focus on the topics that you have already covered. Polish the topics that you have prepared well so that you don’t regret skipping the new topics.

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3. Keep the necessary things ready beforehand

It’s your big day for which you have worked for such a long period. Don’t start your exam day with any sort of panic situation, to avoid this it is always recommended that you arrange all your essentials beforehand. Keep your admit card, your ID proof, pen, pencil and all the other things you might require at a safe place before your exam day.

Also read all the instructions given on the admit card very carefully, in order to save yourself from committing any mistake unknowingly. Check out the jee advanced important instructions

4. Breaks are Essential

You have given a lot of time to this paper; it becomes very essential for your brain to get a timely break in order to save energy and memory for the exam day. So for your last minute preparation tips for JEE Main 2021 remember that you give enough rest to your mind if you are eager to score well. Giving break to mind keeps the brain cells active.

Concentrating on the studies entirely results in stressful situations. You need to keep your mind happy and cheerful then only you will be able to solve your paper in a better way.

5. Taker Sound Sleep

A good Slumber is so very important both for your paper as well as for your health. Never compromise with your sleep for the dream of scoring well. Good slumber means sleeping for at least 7 hours a day; it doesn’t mean you have to sleep more and study less. In simple words you have to give importance to all things equally, you have to study well and sleep well.

Especially the night before exams don’t waste time studying at 1 a.m. Sleeping at night is better than sleeping during the paper. Follow these last minute tips for JEE Mains, to see yourself scoring well.

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6. Believe in Yourself

You need to have faith in you if you want to see your dream turning to reality. You have given a lot of effort to this paper; don’t let anything obstruct your success. And one of the most important mantras to success is self-belief. Your hard work will surely give you a good harvest. Don’t let any negative thought bubble pull your confidence down.

In case you have any doubt unsolved, not a big deal, remember doubts are to be left outside the exam hall. This an effective measure if you were searching How to attempt and maximize your score in JEE Main 2021? Keep your confidence alive and go ahead.

7. Have a Healthy Diet

Say a big no to junk food. You can give rest to your tongue for a few days by avoiding junk food. Eat healthily and home food. You won’t wish to leave the paper because of health issues when you have put so many efforts for it.

If you were looking for what are the last minute tips for the JEE Main 2021 then hope these basic jee main last-minute preparation tips, will be really helpful for you. You are just a few more days away from your dream, relax and prepare well.

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